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after a year and a half, Blah Blah Blog return where it started...

Blah Blah Blogs will be posted on the blogspot but will be echoed on multiply. But this does not mean there will no post in multiply. Sabi ko nga, i-eecho ko dito kaya dont fret citizens! Huwag mag-panic! Huwag mag... mag...simula ng rebulusyon ( malay natin, baka magyari pero sa ngayon asa ako). And for today's episode, bawi-bawi muna ako sa mga araw na hindi ako naka-blog dahil sa pagiging abala ko sa KRISIS! Komix (insert image here). At tinamaan kaya ako ng e-bola recon salmonela, at hayun, tinamad ako. HOWEVER, since we left so mant things in this past days, we have a lot in store for today. Earth Hour, Krisis! Komix, Free movie plus a wonderful night with people in different media.

Last March 28, millions of people in the world observed EARTH HOUR. An hour of helping mother earth by doing a gesture to save energy by simply switching off the light or any appliance that is not is use. And actually we filipinos made a big contribution to this event, since there were a lot of cities and communities that participated for this cause ( we also participated, even it was just for fun, we actually helped a lot if you look at it in a bigger scale). This day was also important for me since this was also the debut of my comic. KRISIS! Komix. And even it was just a one-hour event, its actually cool and fun, and feels like camping (oops be careful with those candles!) So, the event is over, but what do you do now, wait another year? Be practical people, Its really cool to save energy. Saves you money in bills, and makes you a contributor (no matter if you just turned off one switch or a city) in saving our only earth.

Konek naman sa earth hour ay ang KRISIS! KOMIX na ang current comics na ginagawa ko habang avail. Well, it was actually my dream to have one, and here it is...Kung napansin niyo ito site at nabasa niyo na ang ilan sa mga strips, well I hope more people will be able to see it and make comments. Alam kong marami kayong masisita dito, yung pagka-edit, dialouge at yung quality, pero I hope in the next issues to come ay mayroon big changes, hopefully mapublish ito sa kahit anong print media (siguro it would take some time kasi marami pa comics ang dapat kong i handa if ever). Also there are also I wish to clarify about KRISIS! Ang pagkakilala sa kanya ngayon is komix, which I believe is a nice way to categorize new pinoy comics, so far ang kikomachine komix (asteeg!), ang orig na nagsimula nito. At kaya ang pangngalan nito ay Krisis dahil nabuo ang concept niya nung nagsimula ang Global Financial Crisis. Well, wish me luck guys, and hope you would meet all the characters in these komix.

Yesterday I won tickets to see The Fast and the Furious at the Globe Platinum Cinema at Gateway. It was amazing since I just responded to a contest posted by the BNO boys. I was entitled a pair of tickets, unfortunately, I went alone. Well, actually when I got there, the tickets were given by Mojo Jojo himself! Sweet! I really liked Mojo for his personality. Also I've made friends with media people and other bloggers. And the movie was a blast! check out my review about that. I really enjoyed the movie especially your in that special cinema (ooh the feel of the LAZYBOY still lingers...the popcorn...the drinks...). And the night doesn't there, we also ate dinner at Rasa, and there I was able to talk with my fellow movie goers. Also with us was JINKY ODA, the endorser of GLUTAMAX. She was very nice, and also gave me some samples. And if you would notice, she is the only endorser I know that has proven the results. I saw her a long time before and absolutely her skin was whiter (while the other brands got endorsers who were already white). So I would like to thank the people I met yesterday ( I apologize, I forgot some of your names, I am really bad with names :-P ) But I really had a wonderful time, I hope to see you on the next event!

Insomnia - Craig David

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