A pilgrim's song

A Pilgrim's Song
a Holy Wednesday special

I dont want to confined in this space
this lonely dark space
I know I don't belong here
even if the luxuries of the world is with me

My Heart longs to journey to a place
far and away
To find solace, to find peace
that I have been looking for

No I never ask for a vacation
nor I did not ask for paradise
Even a lowly place
can be what my heart desires

A Pilgrim's journey is never an easy one
there's actually more pain and sacrifice in each step
And just like the master instructed
bring nothing, nor gold or silver

No maps or compass will be used
just the stars and your intuition
You will not mind how long it would take
but how we partake and live the journey

The life of a pilgrim is not easy
yet it is a meaningful one
To live is to sacrifice
To love is to give

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