Blah Blah Blogs: NU Rock On Until Infinity

NU 107.5
home of new rock

Another institution in the radio industry just left the airwaves, NU 107 the premiere rock music station that helped discovered Pinoy rock and alternative artists had closed down to be changed into a "masa" station. This move was a corporate decision yet, many people are sad to hear that for the sake of business, quality OPM music will never be the same. Honestly, I not really an avid listener but I do wish that they would kept it  since there is also the silent majority who listens to them. The "masa" stations as they pose a threat to Pinoy radio as a form of all Pop and  many has joined the bandwagon. In the past decade, there is not of this format but if it will continue, all stations would actually sound the same, no diversity, now that is boring.

And though NU is now off the air, it will rock on until infinity in the hearts of its listeners and artist!

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