Blah Blah Blogs: Undas 2010


Tradition makes life more interesting as we celebrate it with friends and family, but for a unique celberation like All saints and souls day is also a celebration of life and death. It is something that we worry too often but never know when will it arrive. Todos los santos, or commonly known as Undas or All Saints' Day is celebrated all over the country to commemorate the departed loved ones and take time to visit them a their resting place.

I visited my father at the Eternal Gardens at Caloocan, it has been seven years since I last saw him alive, and I still do miss him even he would not be the best father figure that many people wanted but I am proud to be his son together with my siblings. My gradfather's grave is in La Union, so my mother and Lola are the people who would visit hom there.  I was sad to see that on my father's side of the grass is withered unlike his brother which is properly gardened. I promised my father if I get rich, I would make him a mausoleum so he wont be just underground forever. Who doesn't right?

There is just a question that will make you think... why is it always that we spoil our loved ones when they are already dead? Why not today? If you had an argument and hate, why try to settle this and be in good terms before they are gone?

Just my two cents for this season...
love the departed, but love more the living...


  1. Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

  2. Oo nga no.. we spoil the dead too much that we sometimes forget the living.. mahirap to lose a loved and then mag-wish na lang to turn back time...

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  4. One of the Pinoy tradition is to remember the dead. And every Undas, family gather to the cemetery to pray, visit and remember their dead loved ones.