Pinoy Leads The Amazing Race Asia Season 4!

Pinoy Power leads the Amazing Race Asia this season 4, aside from featuring Misibis Bay as one of the locations for the race. Tessa Prieto-Valdez was part of the welcoming committee for the contestants. I got A chance to view the next episode of the Amazing Race Asia Season 4 at the National Sports Grill together with bloggers and other friends of the contestants. There are actually two Pinoy Teams, (The Two Richards and the girl tandem of Lani and Jess. 
For this episode, they now travel to New Zealand, and face the challenges of the wide fields of milking cows and of  snow-capped mountains. There there was the race on how to get to the destination with flights limited and has delays up to hours in the airport. The challenges that face them are the great bungee drop or a very, I mean VERY big swing that I have second thoughts of doing. Also they faced the challenge of sawing lumber the old fashion way. This challenge also used a lot of time for the other teams to catch up. The one of the last challenges is the Rugby football which is also a test of skill and agility. At the end of this leg of the race, the Richards were the one who made it first. Yet with their teamwork, I think they have a very good chance of winning!

with Lani, sweet yet very competitive!
PDA stars also joined in for the event
Bugoy Drilon spotted! 
Team Pinoy (and an excess baggage LOL)
I want that laptop case!
another exciting race!

Now, we hope that in this season, Pinoys will be the ones to make it first!

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