Well not yet, but as I know that with you, my friends and family, this can be possible. So I appeal to your hearts and twitter account to make April 30, my 25th birthday, a special day for me, lets all make #HappyBirthdayFPJ trend in twitter.  It might be impossible for an individual like me who is not a celebrity to make it to the most discussed over the net, but who knows, I like to dream big and there were so many things that actually came true beyond my expectations. 

I do want to thank all of the people who have alreday sent their greetings online and via text. The day is not over and I also wish that I could treat you if I could. I plan to celebrate my birthday with a movie night and hopefully a small gathering. 

For my 25th birthday, this is a very special day as I enter into the quarter life crisis (which is the thematic slogan of the celebration), I do wanted some things to happen, which you are very welcome to sponsor (teehee) , so I came up with this wishlist:

  • To Trend in Twitter in the Philippines/World using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayFPJ
  • A drawing tablet (doesn't matter is its old or new, I just NEED one)
  • A android tablet (or iPad is also great)
  • A pair of Native shoes (those very bright colored shoes that look like candy!)
  • Bleached/Red Hair
  • A new digicam (or DSLR is given the opportunity)
  • A new phone (which came true with winning an Sony Xperia Sola!)
  • My Youtube Show (Okra Soup)
  • To do a cameo in a movie
  • To travel outside Luzon (believe it or not, I have not left this island ever since!)
  • A love life (*blush*)
  • To finish my book before the year ends
  • To train in archery and wushu
  • Success for my clients, groups and friends
  • A new cosplay costume
  • A new set of pens and markers for drawing
  • World peace

I also would like to thank first all the people who greeted me in my pseudo-birthday last April fool's day. This made me happy for the overwhelming love and support for everything. This year has been a good year for me to start over as I arise from the misfortune I had last year. Show your support now and let's make great trends this year!

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