XSTIG: Sony Mobile Communications Unveils Four New Xperia™ Smartphones

Smartphones nowadays are actually getting very similar in design and functions making the phones somehow boring and to common. And when choosing a phone that suits every lifestyle is something that is something rare. For me, I want something that has an appealing design, very fast functions and  great resolution.  It would also be great if there is a functions that stands out among the other brands today.

Sony Mobile Communications, the makers of the Xperia™ smartphones brings together new phones that will revolutionize the way we look at android phones. And these new generations will be compatible and works great with Bravia, Playstation, and Vaio series.

Sony Mobile Communications, now a division of Sony Corporation, has kicked off its integration into the Sony electronics business with the launch of its much-awaited new series of Xperia™ smartphones.  The flagship Xperia S, an Android smartphone that delivers a stunning HD experience, has gone on sale in Xperia Concept Shops nationwide.  The Xperia U, Xperia P and Xperia sola will follow suit over the next two months.

“Sony Mobile brings a wealth of smartphone knowhow and knowledge of the industry, and coupled with Sony’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise, consumers will get an experience made possible only by Sony,” said Takao Kuroda, Sony Philippines President and Managing Director.

“Sony has long been at the forefront of digital imaging and gaming, and our goal now is to maintain our growth and marketing leadership in these core areas.  Simultaneously, we will incorporate our digital imaging and game assets into our mobile products,” he added.

The new series highlights how Sony can bring connected entertainment experiences across the smartphone, TV, laptop and tablet.  These Xperia smartphones showcase 

Sony’s iconic design and entertainment technology paired with the powerful performance of dual-core processors.  Coupled with Sony’s content assets, the company enables consumers to enjoy entertainment seamlessly across electronic devices.

Xperia S – Everything in HD

The new Xperia S, the flagship of the series, is a Playstation-certified smartphone with a 4.3-inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine.  It has an HD (1280 x 720) resolution screen, as well as front (720p) and back (1080p) cameras for HD recording.  Its 12MP camera with Sony Exmor R™ can take pictures in just 1.5 seconds from standby mode.

The phone lets users share and enjoy content on various screens whether on a TV, laptop, tablet or phone.   Enjoy HD sharing through a wireless DLNA connection,  or use the HDMI cable to link the Xperia S to the TV.  Use BRAVIA Sync to control the Xperia S with your TV remote control.  Xperia S delivers a full HD experience with this TV connection.

The Xperia S is also NFC (near field communication) enabled and ships with two Xperia SmartTags.  This allows consumers to share content with each other as well as enjoying an increasing number of NFC applications and services. 

Xperia S - P27,990 (ships with HDMI cable, screen protector, fast charger and two Xperia SmartTags)

Xperia P – ultra-bright screen with WhiteMagic™

With a full aluminium unibody design, Xperia P debuts WhiteMagic™ display technology from Sony for the first time on a smartphone.  WhiteMagic technology delivers the brightest viewing experience; even under direct sunlight.  Smart power efficiency automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to the surroundings to conserve battery life.

Available in a choice of silver and black, both with an aluminium unibody, the Xperia P has a 4-inch Reality Display powered by the Mobile BRAVIA Engine.  Its 8MP camera comes with unique fast capture, HD recording and Sony technology to capture 2D and 3D panoramic images.
Xperia P offers easy HDMI and DLNA connectivity to share content on any screen.  As an NFC-enabled device, it can access a growing range of NFC applications and services.  It ships with two Xperia SmartTags.

Xperia P retails for P22,990 (ships with HDMI cable, screen protector, fast charger and two Xperia SmartTags

Xperia U - powerful Sony entertainment in a stylish design 
With xLoud™ and Sony 3D surround sound audio technology integrated into the music player, consumers will enjoy a crisp and loud sound experience on the Xperia U.  They can also stream music to wireless speakers with a touch using DLNA.  

The transparent element on the phone also illuminates to match the color of photos in the gallery or the album art of music tracks currently playing. Available in a choice of white or black, the Xperia U comes with pink and yellow exchangeable caps for the base of the smartphone in the box.  The phone has a 5MP camera with fast capture, HD recording and 2D and 3D panoramic photo imaging.  It has a 3.5-inch Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine. 

Xperia U - P13,990 (ships with one extra cap, screen protector)

Xperia sola – a floating touch of magic

The NFC-enabled Xperia sola comes with two Xperia SmartTags, allowing consumers to change their smartphone’s settings and applications to fit their lifestyle in an instant. Xperia sola is also the first to feature Sony’s innovative floating touch technology for web browsing.  Users navigate the web by hovering their finger above the screen so it acts like a moving cursor, without actually having to touch the screen.  Once the desired link is found it can be highlighted and a simple tap will load the page.  

The Xperia sola has a 3.7-inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, 5MP camera with HD video recording, and xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology.  The phone will be available in black, white and red.  

Xperia sola - P16,990 (ships with two Xperia SmartTags)

Note: I won an Xperia Sola during the raffle at the product launch, I will also make a review of the Xperia Sola once I get the unit as it is scheduled to be available by mid-May. 

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