Like I have experienced, the journey of 14 churches for Visita Iglesia is better as a personal retreat with God. The tradition has been popular with Pinoys because its provide a chance to  travel during the Holy week especially when malls are closed and there is no regular programming on TV.  It's actually a great time to bond with family and friends this week. 

As my family are quite far from me, I usually go visita iglesia on my own for the past few years now and for this journey, I made another Visita Iglesia Diaries dedicated for this holy week. 

FIRST STATION: The Last Supper
Santa Ana Chuch - National Shrine of Our Lady of The Abandoned

SECOND STATION: Agony in the Garden
Paco Church - San Fernando De Dilao Parish

THIRD STATION: condemned by the Sanhedrin
Adamson Church - Saint Vincent De Paul Parish
FOURTH STATION: Jesus Denied by Peter
Hospicio De San Jose

FIFTH STATION: Jesus is judged by Pilate
San Miguel Church -National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels

SIXTH STATION: Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns
St. Jude Parish - National Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus

SEVENTH STATION: Jesus takes up His cross
San Beda Church - Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat

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