Groups Have Endured and Succeeded The 12 hour Sing-A-Thon

Singing for 12 hours is no joke, others it will be torture, but not for us Filipinos especially for those who take care of their oral health. To prove this, Bactidol made an epic event that will test the skill and endurance of the Pinoy voice.

The 12 hour Sing-a-thon held at Red Box Rock Dine and Roll at Eastwood mall brings a diversity of groups that came from different walks of life. Some are workmates from different call centers, some are barkadas who have the passion for singing.

A total of 21 groups joined the sing-a-thon that started at 12 noon. The groups have the liberty of choosing their playlist however they can get some food and drinks after singing selected challenge songs. And speaking of challenges, there is also a special Challenge Room wherein individual participants from the groups go on a head to head battle to be the king of the videoke!
DJ's Chico and Delamar were there to host the event for the whole day, they do also go around the rooms to see the groups in action. The event also gets a lot of feedback and tweets from twitter with the hashtag #12hrsingathon and #bactidol. I may not have a team on my own but never let the night pass without belting some songs. Ebe Dancel and Barbie Lamabis also made a surprize appearance to the participants and joined in the fun. I also made a short video below of what is happening during the event  and how exciting it was. 

In the last few hours of the competition, no group is showing signs of giving up. They are really going to finish the competition and get the 20,000 pesos prize for each group who can complete the 12 hour sing-a-thon. And on the last few minutes the whole Red Box is getting more excited as the last few minutes of the competition heats up. Everyone is at their high spirits and also dancing.
And as the timer reached its 12th hour, everyone is in a festive mood as all are cheering and dancing for enduring 12 hours of singing and fun. Times sure flies when your having fun. And the best part is, no one, not even myself experienced any sore throat! This is thanks to Bactidol that soothes, heals and protects the throat for 12 hours and more. And for the 21 groups that joined and completed the 12 hour singing marathon ecah group gets their prize of 20,000 pesos. Now is that a great way to have fun?  I hope next year, I would also form a group and join the 12 hour sing-a-thon ! 

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