Join RJ Ledesma As He Launches A Book on Gayumas, Aphrodisiacs and Magic Love Spells on September 20!

Friends, fans, families, fugitives, no girlfriends since birth (NGSBs), DOMs and yayas are invited to attend the launch of TV Host/Entrepreneur/Editor RJ Ledesma’s newest humor book ‘PLAYING WITH PINK PARTS, RJ Ledesma’s Guide to Gayumas, Aphrodisiacs and Love Spells’ on September 20 (Friday) 6pm at National Bookstore Glorietta 1, Makati.

“The book has something for everyone with pink parts.” RJ jokingly relates. He convinced an honest-to-goodness magician to share some modern-day love spells using text messaging, emails and Twitter, interviewed mysticists on how to concoct a homemade gayuma and consulted a naturopathic physician on the ideal combination of herbs to create a potent aphrodisiac. He even visited a urologist (but managed to keep his underpants on) to ask about what were the most effective aphrodisiacs available in the market.

Multiple Palanca award-winning author Butch Dalisay writes in the foreword of RJ’s book, "Sex and humor are two of the most potent forces known to man, and RJ appears to have mastered both. Lest one mistake him for just another randy fool, take note how sharply his humor is barbed politically, to the point that one suspects this is his real agenda."

Playing with Pink Parts is RJ’s fifth humor book. His last two books, IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT ME? RJ’s Guide to Flirting, Body Language & Pick-Up Artists and IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I PEE, RJ’s Guide to Bodily Gases, Hair Loss & Pink Parts were both finalists in the National Book Awards.

Playing With Pink Parts is available at the humor section of National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Bestsellers nationwide.

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