REEL DEAL: Teens Wanted In "Love Bite"

A fresh twist on the definitive monster comedy movie, “Love Bite” is about to let loose its fangs to prey on the flesh of young and healthy teenage boys in the sleepy small town of Rainmouth. 

Starring Ed Speelers (“Eragon”) and Jessica Szohr (“Gossip Girl,” “The Internship”), “Love Bite” finds Jamie (Speelers) along with his teenage friends living in their putrescent seaside town looking for more opportunities to get laid.  But in a town in which everyone knows everyone else, that’s easier said than done.  

Things for Jamie have a habit of getting complicated. So when he meets Juliana (Szohr) – a smart, funny and absurdly beautiful girl from out of town – things quickly get, well, complicated.   Jamie starts to believe that Juliana might be a werewolf since she arrived at the same time several of his mates started to disappear.   All Jamie knows is that werewolves target virgins, which, he thinks, is probably the only reason she’s interested in him. 

As the next full moon nears, relations with Jamie and Juliana start to hot up.  By the time they are ready to make things physical, the huge round moon is peeping through the clouds.   Before he can finally let the beast out of its cage, Jamie has to learn that it’s time to stretch his legs and get out of town for good.
For director Andy De Emmony, the attraction to the script was instant. “I come from a background as a sculptor, doing lots of animatronics and that sort of thing,” he explains. “And plus I've done a lot of comedy, so being able to bring those two together was really the appeal.” 

He collaborated with Cole to revise the script, he says. “From my point of view, the humor was there already, but it was important that we clarified the world we're in and established the rules of the werewolves.”

With an overabundance of werewolf stories on the market, De Emmony saw an opportunity to give the beast a comic motivation – it preys on virginity, the very thing this film's cast of hormonal teens are especially keen to lose. “I always think it's slightly grey, when you see werewolves in other things, what their agenda is,” De Emmony laughs. “The quest to lose your virginity is there in most teenage boys anyway, and they don't even have the pressure of a battle for survival!”

“Love Bite” opens very soon this November in theaters from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.

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