Five Advantages for Homeowners using genuine Hardieflex

It’s no joke to build a home nowadays. You are not just building a shelter but a legacy and an inheritance. A home is your family’s safe haven—it’s where you make a lifetime of memories and enjoy each other’s company in peace and security.

As a homeowner taking care of your family’s welfare and safety, you need to be assured that the building material you’re using for your house is good enough; you need it to be strong against harsh weather, termites, and other potential causes of damage; and you need it to be durable and long-lasting. Your family deserves nothing less.

James Hardie, the company behind HardieFlex, makes “advanced building composites” as a better alternative building material for your home. HardieFlex advanced building composite is made from sand, water, cement, and cellulose fiber (fiber from radiata pine trees). This combination of ingredients creates a building material that is strong, durable, and long-lasting.

By choosing genuine HardieFlex advanced building composite, homeowners get several advantages in constructing their dream homes—without these turning into nightmares due to damage. The advantages of using HardieFlex include:

Long-term strength and durability. HardieFlex is designed to be resistant against the extreme weather conditions of the Philippines—floods, typhoons, strong winds, humidity and moisture, or dry, scorching heat; all of these may damage our homes.

HardieFlex is even resistant to damage caused by termites and fires. Even when exposed to flame, HardieFlex would not catch fire. For homeowners, these qualities of HardieFlex make it a very wise choice—it helps prevent added costs of repairs; stays strong and durable for years and years; and also helps assure the safety of loved ones in the home.

Commitment and presence in the Philippines. James Hardie has its own manufacturing plant in Cabuyao, Laguna that meets international standards. The plant’s world-class technology and quality control ensure that HardieFlex provides homeowners a durable, safe and enduring, quality home for years to come.

By investing in its own world-class facility in the Philippines, James Hardie is able to assure consumers that it is committed to the Philippine market. That commitment includes providing a constant supply of HardieFlex to consumers.

With James Hardie based in Cabuyao, Laguna, it can deliver HardieFlex to its network of distributors anywhere in the country. Homeowners across the nation are assured that HardieFlex is there for them, wherever and whenever they need it.

Guarantee of quality and warranty. The advanced building composite by James Hardie has a product warranty of 10 years that comes with a guarantee of high quality, long-lasting strength, and durability.* when installed as per the current installation guide.

When it comes to cheap imitations, only the distributor makes the guarantee—this is not good enough for families investing hard-earned money on their homes. If ever the imitation product is not true to its claims, it will be hard for a homeowner to run after the manufacturer—because the only link he or she has is a local distributor.

In the case of HardieFlex, it’s the manufacturer itself (not just a distributor), James Hardie, that provides the product warranty. And James Hardie is present in the Philippines as a locally registered firm under Philippine laws—just a phone call away from Filipino homeowners.

Quicker, more convenient customer service. Being locally based, James Hardie can cater to your needs as a homeowner--faster and more accurately. It has local consultants that are available anytime, anywhere in the country to provide product information and technical support.

This relieves you, the homeowner, of a lot of stress—the cheap imitators only have local distributors who can’t provide the same customer support. Homeowners can relax because they can easily contact James Hardie, the manufacturer--not just a local distributor.

James Hardie has 16 years’ experience in the country. James Hardie has been operating in the Philippines for 16 years. It knows your needs and that of your loved ones when it comes to building the perfect Filipino dream home.

Learn more about how HardieFlex advanced building composite and other innovative James Hardie products can create the ideal home or building for you; go to the website and like us on Facebook at or call 1-800-888-5427 (outside Metro Manila) or 895-5427 (within Metro Manila).

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