XSTIG: Sikat II seeks podium finish in world solar race today

Glendambo, South Australia – The Philippines’ Sikat II has reached eight of the nine control stops of the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the global solar car race currently being held in the Australian continent.   

The country’s representative to the biennial event travelled a total of 2,171 solar miles, keeping its third place ranking in the Adventure Class.  A solar mile is the distance traveled by a vehicle relying solely on the sun’s energy.

Sikat II is expected to reach the finish line in Adelaide on October 11.

Team Manager Dr. Alvin Culaba is hopeful that the Philippines will be among the top finishers. “The race to the finish line is exciting because we are being challenged by the unpredictable weather, but the team is confident that we will cross the finish line with the world’s best." 

Team Sikat Solar Philippines is composed of a core group of mechanical and electrical engineering students and faculty members from De La Salle University. Additional improvements, which took seven months to complete, were applied to Sikat II to make it race-ready for WSC 2013.

First Phil Holdings, First Gen, Energy Development Corporation, Sunpower, Ufreight, Shell, and Motolite helped make the improved Sikat II possible.

The solar car team wishes to further the cause of promoting the use of renewable energy and clean technologies in the field of transportation. 

Started in 1987, the World Solar Challenge has been a strong platform for young engineers and scientists from all over the world for the pursuing the ideals of sustainable transport. Forty-two teams from 24 countries are competing this year. 

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