Build the defense against summer season fire risks

Bosch shares pro-active tips for fire prevention and safety

As the warm weather ushers in the summer season, an anticipated increase in number of fire hazards also bears the need for greater precaution. With an annual record of over 9,000 fires nationwide, there is no better time to learn more about increasing every property’s line of safety than now.

As the leading global supplier of security, safety and communications products, solutions and services, Bosch Security Systems urges Filipinos to remain vigilant and take a pro-active approach in fire prevention and safety. In line with the National Fire Prevention Month, Bosch shares some tips to reduce the risk of fire in homes and offices.

Check the circuits

Among all potential causes of fire incidents across the country, electrical failures lead in number and pose the highest dangers and damage. With the regular use of technology in every home or office, electricity must become a top priority for risk management.

Bosch recommends ensuring that all electrical wirings are regularly checked by a licensed electrician. It is also important to avoid overloading outlets with multiple devices or appliances as the use of excessive power may trigger a short circuit. The public is also encouraged to refrain from using extension cords as permanent outlets as these may overheat and set off a fire.

Averting fire accidents begins with being a step ahead in safety. Be attentive to signs of defective electrical appliances and faulty wirings and do not hesitate nor delay in repairing them.

Safeguard your home

Similar to any type of property, houses are highly vulnerable to fires especially if irregularly examined for any fire hazads.

Even the least used areas of every home such as the garden and garage are prone to fire accidents if left unkempt. It is ideal to regularly keep the house free of dried leaves, wood shavings and litter which may create household fires. Flammable liquids and other flammable items such as matches and lighters must also be stored properly and kept out of children’s reach.

The kitchen, where the stove and most heating devices are stored, should be checked for any risks. Stoves must always be cleaned of flammable liquids or food residues and LPG tanks must be checked regularly for leaks.

Devise an emergency escape plan

Every household and office must have an emergency exit plan in case of a fire. All exits must be inspected and kept clear for the emergency path. Each member of the household or the workplace must understand the exit route and the meeting place outdoors, which should be a place with a safe distance away from the house or building. It is important to have regular fire drills to test the plan and make necessary adjustments for optimal safety.

Small fires may be extinguished by using a non-flammable item to stifle the flame, such as a pot cover or a dampened towel. Although water is one of the most common fire deterrents, do not use it to extinguish fires caused by gasoline and other combustible fluids as these liquids do not mix may cause the fire to spread. In the event of any apparent danger, ensure that every person in the room or building has been evacuated.

Managing security measures leads the strong line of defense against fire accidents in every home and commercial area. Bosch is one with the Filipino community in celebrating the National Fire Prevention Month with a strengthened commitment to building safer cities today for generations to come.

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