Water can damage even the toughest concrete—so waterproof it with Optimum Flex

Concrete is one of the toughest materials around—just look at all the tall buildings, stadiums, and other large structures we build with it. Concrete is made with several ingredients including cement, aggregates and reinforcing materials to make it very durable. However, water can damage even the toughest concrete; this leads to leaks and continuous deterioration. To prevent this, concrete must be protected by an effective waterproofing product.

Certain parts of a house, like roofdecks, balconies, and the upper floors, experience tremors or movement (and yes, the higher the structure, the more tremors and movement). Such parts of the house must be protected by a flexible waterproofing product that will not crack or otherwise be dislodged because of the movement or tremors. The best option for this is Optimum Flex.

Optimum Flex, a flexible, “cementitious” or cement-based product that seeps into and bonds with the concrete to seal off pores and tiny spaces where water can enter. Optimum Flex bonds completely and permanently; it becomes one with the concrete structure. It is flexible enough to go with a concrete structure’s motions to maintain its waterproof seal without cracking.

Optimum Flex has pre-packaged, pre-measured components of a powder and an emulsion. All you have to do is take these out of the package and mix them directly. It is very convenient to use and leaves no room for errors in mixing or errors in measurement. Once mixed according to instructions, it may be applied to the concrete structure. It only takes 20 minutes for Optimum Flex to dry, set, and bond permanently with the concrete.

Optimum Flex is the ideal waterproofing for concrete structures not only in homes but in hotels, hospitals, resorts, condominiums, and other places where concrete needs to be protected from moisture or water. Protect your investment now against water damage with Optimum Flex. For more information, call or text the Engineer Lunas Hotline at 0920-910-2629 or go to www.jardinedistribution.com.ph

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