Termitrol: Stop the ‘colony’ at your own homes

Gone are the days when termite problems are undetected until it’s too late. With different kinds and brands of termiticide sprouting in the market, it is almost impossible not to eradicate the “unwanted” guests under your roofs.

As a homeowner, we rely on professional pest controls to protect our home.PCOs first priority is their client’s trust so it is important that they only use and  choose the most advanced kind of termiticide in the market. 

 In a launching at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas, JDI introduced a new product called Termitrol, that will help PCO’s eradicate termites.   

Termitrol is a special kind of termiticide that has a “delayed mode of lethal action” or known as a ‘non repellent’ soil termiticide.  This means that upon contact to the poison, termites are not instantly killed, allowing them to pass-on the poison to other termites, which will lead to the elimination of the entire colony.

Termitrol’s ability to eliminate the termite colony addresses the root cause to prevent the problem from recurring and to avoid further damage.

For PCOs, using this product will help them build a good reputation among their customers because of the efficacy of the product. In return, this will boost their business through satisfied clients and more referrals.

The three most important benefits of the product can be summarized in three words: economical, effective, and convenient. It is effective whether applied before or after construction.

Termitrol’s active ingredient, Fipronil, has been proven effective in killing termite colonies based on bioefficacy tests in Thailand, Pakistan, and Iran. Fipronil is also widely used termiticide in USA.

“It is important to choose the right treatment for your soil—termitrol is certified environment-friendly since it’s classified as Blue Band chemical, making it non-toxic to earthworms and other soil microflora,” said Nancy Pereyras, product manager for Termitrol. 

“Its effects last up to three to five years before re-treating the soil depending on certain variables during the application such as soil condition, client-specific recommendations, among others, that can affect the efficacy of the product. But applying Termitrol should not keep homeowners from maintaining a clean and habitable homes at all times,” Pereyras added.

Termitrol is recommended as a soil termiticide. For wood preservation, there is Solignum for wood. Other JDI repellent termiticides, which are currently used by PCOs, like Protek ad D-fence are still available in the market. 

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