TV5 and Wattpad Brings More Book Adaptations This Month!

Wattpad stories is the in thing today with millions of creative writers contributing to the world that loves to read a lot. And the most popular genre would definitely come from the love section which has published countless books which have originated from chapters in Wattpad and now made into movies and TV series. Recently TV5 showcased a set of new TV series based on popular wattpad stories  (My Tag Boyfriend, Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody) which has millions of reads and was published into physical and ebooks.

These stories which has been loved by millions of readers will definitely get a treat of reliving the books with the incarnation by rising Kapatid stars which are also making waves on air and even online. With the success of the first month of the Wattpad series, TV5 continues the love streak with another batch of books for the month of October. In the presscon held last night, there was also a big revelation of the stars of the story "Dyepni", real life lovers Alwyn Uytingco and Jenica Garcia revealed that they have been secretly married since February and reveals to the press their official announcement to the  world and their friends. 

TV5’s ‘WATTPAD PRESENTS’ introduces new batch of heartwarming lovestories

Fresh from the successful launch of TV5’s WATTPAD PRESENTS, the newest romantic-comedy primetime mini-series which initially featured four love stories that were all well received by TV viewers and netizens alike, the Happy Network now introduces WATTPAD PRESENTS’ next batch of kilig love stories that will definitely make hearts flutter every night.

Opening WATTPAD PRESENTS’ next batch of primetime offerings, TV5 brings the much awaited TV adaptation of the popular Wattpad love story “Dyepni”, featuring real-life sweethearts Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia in their first-ever TV project together as a couple. Originally written by pajama_addict and with almost 2 million reads on Wattpad, “Dyepni” depicts the bumpy but kilig love story between Nialla (Jennica Garcia) and Jeffrey (Alwyn Uytingco) which starts and ends in a “jeepney” ride. Will the supposedly typical jeepney ride of Nialla and Jeffrey drive them to their “love destination” together or are they just bound to get off and go their separate ways? WATTPAD PRESENTS “Dyepni” airs Monday to Friday at 9:30PM beginning October 20.

The next WATTPAD PRESENTS story features the bittersweet tale of “Savage Cassanova”, a novel written by Wattpad author justbreathesofie that has garnered almost 1.7 million readers and continues to gain more followers. Starring Edward Mendez and Ritz Azul , “Savage Cassanova” is about the attractive and popular bachelor Ivo (Edward Mendez), who is the heir to his family’s business. In order to drive away the girls who have been persistently chasing him, Ivo decides to marry the terminally-ill Moira (Ritz Azul), thinking that he will have a quiet life as a widower once his wife dies. But what happens when their marriage seems to cure Moira of her illness and Ivo gets stuck with a wife he never intended to keep for long? Find out when WATTPAD PRESENTS “Savage Cassanova” starts airing on October 27. 

For the week of November 3, WATTPAD PRESENTS will deliver the TV adaptation of “Fake Fiance”, written by Keired and already read by more than 2 million readers, featuring real-life couple and Artista Academy scholars Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica. WATTPAD PRESENTS “Fake Fiance” will show how Demi (Sophie Albert) and Rafael (Vin Abrenica) will connive and stage their own engagement in order to stop the pending wedding of their respective parents. Follow the journey of Demi and Rafael and find out if their fake wedding arrangement blossoms into real love or if they will just fall victim to their own schemes.

Last but not least of WATTPAD PRESENTS’ second batch of love stories is the the very endearing narrative of “Diary ng Hindi Malandi (Slight Lang)”, originally written by owwSIC for Wattpad and has so far hit the whopping number of almost 3.5 million reads. Featuring Isabelle de Leon and Edgar Allan Guzman, this funny story tells the tale of a girl’s coming of age and her journey of finding her one true love. Pipay (Isabelle De Leon) is not at all hampered by her “personal aroma” despite the fact that some people are turned off by her unpleasant body odor.  Her unique smell turns out to be Pipay’s secret charm as she gets pursued by school heartthrob Josh (Edgar Allan Guzman) while she also pursues her crush. WATTPAD PRESENTS “Diary ng Hindi Malandi (Slight Lang)” begins airing on November 10.

Fall in love all over again every night as WATTPAD PRESENTS continues to showcase the most awaited TV adaptations of a number of Wattpad hits, most of which are now published through LIB Creatives Publishing.  And to heed the clamor of Wattpad fans and more Kapatid viewers who come home later at night, WATTPAD PRESENTS moves to its new timeslot of 9:30PM starting October 20, airing Monday to Friday, only on TV5.

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