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Glaiza To Study In London - Launches Single "Kapalaran" With Alwyn and JM Severo

Known for her prowess in acting and singing, Glaiza De Catro has established herself as a gem for the Kapuso network and also a treasured artist for PolyEast Records. Her fans have been clamoring for her new musical release after her last album  "Magandang Simulain" in 2017. This year, she opens up to her musical plans that includes moving to London.

She recently launches her lates single "Kapalaran" which is co-composed by her friend Alwyn Uytinco and also joined by Juan Miguel Severo. The single is now available in Spotify though the music video is waiting to be filmed soon. 

TV5 and Wattpad Brings More Book Adaptations This Month!

Wattpad stories is the in thing today with millions of creative writers contributing to the world that loves to read a lot. And the most popular genre would definitely come from the love section which has published countless books which have originated from chapters in Wattpad and now made into movies and TV series. Recently TV5 showcased a set of new TV series based on popular wattpad stories  (My Tag Boyfriend, Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody) which has millions of reads and was published into physical and ebooks.

Mystery, Drama, and Stalkers WIth TV5's New Series 'Jasmine'

It's been a while since we had a mystery-drama serye in TV, and Ace Saatchi and Saatchi, Unitel and TV5 have come up with a breakthrough series starring Jasmine Curtis Smith as... uhm..."Jasmine". But don't belittle the simplicity of the title because it brings a great cast of unique characters, an interesting story, and an approach that is similar to american series which can uplift Pinoy TV series. 

TV5 Brings The Crown and Gloves Together with BEKI BOXER

TV5 has showcased interesting new shows lately and it still on a roll with innovative new plots for Philippine television. Now it will end March with a blow as it premieres its newest primetime series Beki Boxer this March 31. 

The new series will be the biggest break for Kapatid actor Alwyn Uytingco, as he does action-packed boxing and with witty gay comedy in this show. Alwyn has done gay roles in the past and has went into training to get himself in shape for the role. There is an interesting mix of boxers and bekis  in the show which will either be entertainingly funny or 'nakakalerkey' crazy. 

It would be interesting if there will be cameos or they will feature world class pinoy boxers and/or gay athletes also which is also timely as recently there are news about boxers or other athletes who came out.

The combination of Pinoy's love for the sport of Boxing and the Gay comedy which is loved by the public shows its potential to be a hit to the viewers. The series is directed by Jade Castro who directed Zombadings Part 1: Patayin Sa Shyokot Si Remmington.