Karylle on what makes her confident

Just less than seven months after tying the knot to SpongeCola vocalist Yael Yuzon, singer-actress and theatre performer Karylle Tatlonghari is doing a great job juggling her roles as a celebrity and as a wife. Despite her busy schedule, Karylle always makes sure that her body is at its best, especially her mouth.

Having a dentist as her father, the “It’s Showtime” host learned the importance of oral hygiene at a very young age, sharing that it’s one of the things that her father instilled in her while growing up.

“A lot of people don’t regularly go to the dentist so he’s always reminding me on my ‘things to do’ para [hindi ako magsisi] in the long run,” she says. Now that she’s all grown-up, Karylle is still faithful to what her father taught her about oral health.

With her physique, little do people know that Karylle is a certified foodie who always wants to try out something new and different. She likes savory meals with a lot of spices and condiments—the tastier the food, the better. But the consequences of this are strong mouth odors and an unpleasant aftertaste, which are very difficult to flush out. “Kaya ako mahilig sa maraming rekado o ‘yung masarap talaga kasi it reflects on how I enjoy life now. Yung downfall noon, minsan mahirap alisin ‘yung smell,” Karylle shares.

But her worries, along with odor and bacteria, disappeared when she started using OraCare. Its active ingredient, stabilized chlorine dioxide, kills bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds, the main culprits of strong mouth odors. OraCare performs its function without the sting or burning sensation and discoloration that one may get from other mouthwashes with strong flavors, giving you a pleasurable and smooth gargling experience.

Furthermore, as a performer, oral hygiene always comes first for Karylle since her mouth and voice are her key tools for her industry. It is important for her to have a healthy mouth and fresh breath because it gives her a certain level of confidence when performing—making OraCare the ideal go-to for Karylle.

Karylle says it was serendipity when she first came across OraCare.

“Actually, in our home, nagulat ako may OraCare doon and I really don’t know how it got there. So, it was just actually by chance that I tried it and then I immediately liked it,” Karylle shares. Since then, she has been using OraCare and makes sure to have a bottle of OraCare with her during shoots, tours and gimiks to have that real mouth cleanliness and confidence in every important situation.

Now that Karylle is already married, she has become even more conscious and aware of her oral hygiene. With OraCare’s long-lasting effect, Karylle says she does not need to worry over morning breath. “When you wake up, you don’t want ‘morning breath.’ So I just make sure I gargle with OraCare before I sleep. Hanggang umaga na ‘yan ah,” she says.

Karylle says she is gradually preparing herself in the event that she and Yael are going to be blessed with a baby any time soon. Although she believes that every person has a unique parenting style, there is one thing she learned from her parents which she wants her future children to imbibe—the importance of oral hygiene. With Oracare,

Karylle says “It is more than having a healthy mouth because it is also about having a certain level of confidence that will make you stand out in whatever you do.”

OraCare is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It is available in three flavors—Regular, Cool and Merrymint.

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