REEL DEAL: That Thing Called Tadhana REVIEW

I rarely review Filipino films, not that I don't want to but there are less invitation to see them compared with foreign films. But when it comes to movies that I am looking forward to watch because of their quality and critical response, I do make an effort to watch them and do a review for that movie. Well this love month, Star Cinema got Cinema One Originals "That Thing Called Tadhana" starring Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman over to a bigger distribution.

Known to be an all-out love story, it however reflects realistic conversations of today's generation on how they deal and talk about love and heartbreak. With the elements of comedic lines and sarcasm that we Filipinos use to make us realize our faults and turn them into moments of laughter.
Though it would be the first time for JM De Guzman and Angelica Panganiban to star in as a pair and yet they found that moment of chemistry with their lines and their backgrounds. With Mace (Angelica), as the brokenhearted girl wanting to forget finds Anthony (JM) as someone who joins her in her moving on journey.

That Thing Called Tadhana also has a special participation Joem Bascon. Shot in breathtaking places like Baguio and Sagada, with beautiful cinematography gives the "wow" factor for the viewers adding visual treats to the movie.

That Thing Called Tadhana stars Angelica Panganiban, JM De Guzman, Joem Bascon

That Thing Called Tadhana will be showing in cinemas February 6. Distributed by Star Cinema.

Deliberation time kids! 

Show summary in 3 lines: Cheesy yet Harsh
Technical Effects: 4 out of 5 stars (In terms of cinematography, I does give a whole new look to common movie locations like Baguio and Sagada, yes epecially Sagada)
Plot: 3 out of 5 stars (There is predictability but it was the dialogues that made it lovable)
Acting and Actors: 4 out of 5 stars  (Best performance goes to both of them, well they are the only charcters there)
Music and Soundtracks:  3 out for 5 stars (I heard Up Dharma Down and some karaoke and it was good)
Pros:  Sagada, Cheesy dialogues, John Lloyd involvement
Cons:   Coordinated tears, discussions that go beyond 10 minutes
Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (Either you are single, a couple, brokenhearted, this speaks to you. Also look out for the quote from F. Scott Fritzgerald)

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