WATTPAD PRESENTS Season 2 With Another Batch of Fresh Love Stories

TV5 intensifies its Valentine offering this Love Month of February by bringing the most requested romantic stories from the world’s largest online community of readers and writers. Premiering its next batch of stories for its second season this February 16, WATTPAD PRESENTS give Wattpad fans more reasons to be excited to watch the much-awaited TV adaptations of their favorite Wattpad novels.

Now on its second season, WATTPAD PRESENTS has proven to be a favorite primetime guilty pleasure of viewers of all ages. With its light romantic comedy approach, refreshing youthful vibe, and unique songs that are particularly made for each episode, WATTPAD PRESENTS makes for a very appealing habit to watch every night.

Premiering this February 16 is the first of the next four stories in this second season’s second batch of WATTPAD PRESENTS – “Cupid’s Fools” by Pajama Addict, which currently has 5.5 million reads and over 151,000 votes on Wattpad.  WATTPAD PRESENTS “Cupid’s Fools” is top-billed by Ahron Villena and Sophie Albert in a story that begins with a pretend love affair that leads to something more than they bargained for.  Ahron portrays the role of heartthrob Aleph, who has looks, the brains, the charm and almost all the qualities of a perfect guy. But Aleph is nursing a broken heart from his relationship with Monette (played by Danielle Lee). Aleph strikes a deal with the beautiful but lovelorn Ingrid (Sophie Albert) and they both pretend to be lovers to make Monette jealous. What follows is a compelling twist that will make every viewer tune in every night to see how Aleph and Ingrid’s pretend love story blossoms into a real one. WATTPAD PRESENTS “Cupid’s Fools” airs from February 16 to 20. 

Following the week after is WATTPAD PRESENTS “Ex Ko Ang Idol N’yo”, a cute story about a girl who sees herself as a loser and even feels more miserable when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend has become a very popular celebrity and nobody would believe that he was ever in a relationship with her. Marvelous Alejo plays the role of Chanel, the ex-girlfriend of Calix (portrayed by Ranz Kyle of the boyband Chicser). The story is originally written by Shaicee and now has 4.8 million reads and 41,000 votes on Wattpad. What will a loser like Chanel do to catch the attention of an ex-boyfriend who has now become every girl’s fantasy? Has fame covered all feelings Calix has for Chanel? Is there hope for the two of them to get back together again despite the completely different worlds they now live in? WATTPAD PRESENTS “Ex Ko ang Idol N’yo” airs from February 23 to 27.

The next story is a somewhat unlikely twist of a well-loved fairy tale.  In WATTPAD PRESENTS “Bitter Ella”, the protagonist lives the typical under-privileged and oppressed life of Cinderella but the only difference is, instead of waiting for her prince charming to come and rescue her from her sordid life, this damsel in distress does not believe in true love. Meet Ella (Katrina Velarde a.k.a. Suklay Diva), a pessimist who has a bitter take on everything in life. Until the day she meets Ashley (Phytos Ramirez), the campus crush whose strong presence and charm seem to have no effect on Ella. Will Ashley be the one to replace all the bitterness in Ella’s heart with sweetness and optimism? With 1 million reads and 12,938 Wattpad votes, WATTPAD PRESENTS “Bitter Ella” airs from March 2 to 6.

Last of the second batch of WATTPAD PRESENTS season 2 stories is “My Fiance Since Birth”, based from the story written by Kagome_Annah, with 4,8 million reads and 41,000 votes on Wattpad. Starring Yassi Pressman and Vin Abrenica, WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Fiance Since Birth” tells the story of Alyssa (Yassi Pressman), a girl who has always believed that there is only one man meant for her, and that man is no other than Van, the boy who told her mother that he will marry her back when she was still in her mother’s womb. Alyssa has never met Van, but she grew up believing that he will return to keep his promise to marry her, hence she does not entertain suitors or allow any other guy to get into her life.  Until Alyssa meets Vincent (Vin Abrenica), someone she vows not to like despite his irresistible charm – and all because she is waiting for her fiancé Van. Will Alyssa be able to hold on to Van or will Vincent change her perspective on love? Will she realize that the one in front of her matters as much as the man she has been longing for all her life?  WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Fiance Since Birth” airs from March 9 to 13. 

All these and more as WATTPAD PRESENTS heeds the clamor from fans, readers and supporters to bring the most thrilling and kilig Wattpad love stories.  Wattpad Presents airs Monday to Friday at 9pm, only on TV5.

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