How to pack smart when going on a trip

Planning a trip is always exciting, whether you’re set to go long-haul or just plan to zip around a few neighboring countries. But even as you visualize the thrill of seeing new places or revisiting old travel haunts, you know that there are mundane matters you need to deal with, including your itinerary, flight schedules and hotel accommodations, airport security checks, and a seemingly endless list of pre-travel arrangements to do.

And then there’s the major task of knowing what—and how—to pack.

Believe it or not, packing can make or break your trip. Bringing the right clothes, accessories, and other essential things ensures worry-free trekking around your destinations, leaving you free to enjoy the sights and relish the entire travel experience.

To start with, you must first organize your stuff according to your travel plan and the length of your trip. With this in mind, here are a few smart you will visit, the climate or weather conditions in your destinations, and the tips to guide you as you do your packing:

• Know your itinerary. Knowing the purpose of your trip, the places duration of your journey make up the basic factors you need to consider in order to pack smart and maximize space in your luggage.

• Backpacking. When using a backpack, the lighter items go to the bottom while the heavier ones are placed on top. Doing so will make your bag feel lighter as its weight will rest on your lower back. Placing the most important items on top will also allow you to easily retrieve these when needed.

• Handy plastic bags. Using Zip Lock or other plastic storage bags is a convenient way to pack similar items together. An extra plastic bag might likewise come in handy for used clothes and toiletries later on.

• Roll technique. An old travelers’ trick is rolling—as opposed to folding—your clothes. This consumes less space in your luggage.

• Minimize toiletries. Pack only essential toiletries and consider storing these in small containers. Convenience stores are ubiquitous in most destinations, anyway, making it easy to replenish your supply.

One oft-forgotten trick when packing is bringing multi-purpose clothing that you can use for different occasions. Absolutely fitting this description is Dockers’ Alpha On-The-Go collection, which is perfect for a highly mobile lifestyle—or a life ‘on-the-go’—no matter where your journey takes you.

Dockers’ newest collection offers the practical benefits of versatility, presentability, and durability. It is a collection that promotes a laid-back, effortless style that is expected from a brand with roots in San Francisco, U.S.A.

This season, the brand message is all about the product and its features—the wearability, the function, and the fit. This helps the Dockers brand make the choice of what to wear far less challenging, making it ideal when traveling. After all, the brand is all about maximizing one’s wardrobe while minimizing the need to bulk-buy.

Owning a pair of Dockers pants allows you to save space since each pair can be used for different occasions and scenarios. Whether you are visiting a museum or trolling a foreign city’s flea market, wearing a pair of pants from the Alpha On-The-Go collection eliminates the risk of being overdressed or underdressed. All you have to do is pair it with the right top and accessories to wrap up your look.

Finally, when traveling, don’t hesitate to wear the same clothes more than once or twice—especially your pants.

Make that especially when it’s a pair of Dockers from the Alpha On-The-Go collection.

It’s one time when repeating an outfit is no big deal.

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