SureSeal: Your leak solution this rainy season

Living in the Philippines, which goes through months of monsoon every year, have taught us to be prepared when long days of rain is just around the corner. One of the measures we take is keeping our roofs free from debris like stones, dirt, and fallen leaves, among others to protect it from leaks. However, there are times that there are cracks and holes already. In situations like this, the smartest and most convenient solution is applying sealants to ensure that our most precious homes are safe from damages caused by leaks. However, can current sealants in the market do the job?

Consumers have different standards of quality when it comes to sealants. Since most people discover leaks only when it started leaking already, they have the idea that the quick drying variant is the most effective, but truth be told, it is not. The main reason for this is that sealant that easily dries up and hardens like cement has a high tendency to crack because of brittleness.

This is where SURESEAL’s IWAS CRACK Advantage comes in. SureSeal is an all Purpose Elastomeric Sealant, which has an “iwas crack” technology. SURESEAL is a slow-curing sealant that is designed perfectly for various substrates as an excellent sealing and bonding agent. In the cured state, it is transformed into a tough, rubber-like gasket which offers reasonable motion, contraction and expansion, of the connected elements without cracking or losing adhesion.

Unlike other brands and variants, you don’t have to worry that it will crack eventually. SureSeal takes pride of its “iwas crack” technology, which makes the brand cost-effective and long lasting.

Sureseal elastomeric sealant comes in gallon, liter, 500ml, 250ml, and 82.5g pouch. It is available in all leading hardware and DIY stores nationwide.

For more information, call or text the Engineer Lunas Hotline at 0920-910-2629 or go to

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