This Post is Rated "SOLO PARA ADULTOS" (For Adults Only)

No, we are not turning into a porn website, we're here to announce the upcoming stage play ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (For Adults Only in English) or ‘SPA’  that will happen on  October 20, 8pm at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City.

As the title suggests, it will be a sex-comdey play that consists of three acts. New theater group Red Lantern Production stages ths one night only play which will arouse theater fans this month. 

‘SPA’ is inspired from the works of Pedro Almodóvar is a Spanish Oscar-winning director and screenwriter known for films like ‘All About My Mother’, ‘Talk to Her’, ‘Bad Education’,‘Volver’ and ‘I'm So Excited’. However, its concept is entirely different and is a social commentary about what’s happening about the Philippine entertainment setting.

Casting the play is quite a challenge since there would be a few yet talented individuals who can take on the role. This includes April ‘Congratulations’ Gustilo, Vivo Ouano, John Fernandez Raspadpo, Tori Garcia, and Andres Vasquez.

April plays Veronica Fox, a female porn star who comes back to her native land to make a meaningful pornographic film. She gets reunited with her long-lost lover—Alfred played by Vivo Ouano, a Starstruck alumnus, but their past turns out to be complicated when a third party is involved—a matinee actor—JV San Miguel which will be breathed by Mr. Gay World 2017—John Fernandez Raspado.

Veronica Fox, JV San Miguel and Alfred are three characters that are all victims of a cruel world and the creative minds of the authors behind a film title ‘Solo Para Adultos’ (‘For Adults Only’ in English).

After years of separation from each other—both Veronica and the man she once loved (who is now a masseur) get intimate with each other. More and more challenges surface as they work together in a film project. 

The three characters will have to pit with two equally gorgeous and daring characters—Georgina, a Scandal Queen, who is out to dislodge Veronica Fox; and Nicolas, a stripper who is all-willing to make a name in the murky and crazy world of showbiz. Both characters are portrayed by two other promising talents—Tori Garcia, a Japanese-Filipino singer-actress from Singapore and a former host of ‘Wowowin’ with Andres Vasquez, a film, TV and theater actor as well as a commercial and print ad model.

What makes this production a thrill to watch—it offers fresh talents debuting onstage. Four of the lead characters—Gustilo, Ouano, Garcia and Raspado are all first-timers in theater. 

Red Lantern Production has produced a rap-and-roll musical —‘Kabesang Tales’ with John Arcilla (of the 'Herenal Luna' movie fame) in the lead role and was written by the multi-awarded screenwriter, novelist and playwright—Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Lee.

It aims to mount all-original Filipino productions--straight plays and musicals or even related meaningful events that cater to the discrimating taste and sensibility of Filipino audience. 

For more information about ‘SPA’, follow its facebook page - @SoloParaAdultosThePlay, instagram - @soloparaadultos.theplay and twitter - @SPAthePlay. Tickets are available via TicketWorld and call (632) 891-9999.

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