Turn On as Star World Rebrands to FOX life

Launched on October 1 2017, FOX Networks Group Asia’s (FNGA) popular StarWorld will rebrand as FOX life, becoming a truly global brand. The new look - unveiled on October 1 2017, will incorporate a new name, identity, brand tagline and logo designed to deliver an innovative, entertaining and commercial channel brand, with a programming mix designed to appeal to a broad cross section of females and to provide co-viewing opportunities.

Since launching StarWorld in 1995, FNGA has been committed to its mission of providing the very best of entertainment in the region and providing audiences with exclusive access to premium dramas, comedy, reality TV shows, global award shows and exciting original productions.  

As a sub brand of our bigger FOX entertainment brand, FOX life will deliver audiences a slate of watch-together content that includes an eclectic mix of US dramas and comedies including Empire, New Girl and Grey’s Anatomy and locally produced series, including Asia’s Next Top Model and Bolt of Talent as well as US awards shows such as The Emmy Awards among many other popular shows such as Masterchef US. The name change will be supported with fresh, new graphics, an exciting on air and digital look and the catchy new tagline: Turn On, delivering a premium channel and natural evolution from the StarWorld consumers know to FOX Life, a brand with global scale.

In celebration of the rebrand and amplifying the new Turn On tagline, Fox life will launch an exciting regional social media campaign, incorporating digital ads and a competition aimed at engaging with Fox life fans.

On the rebrand, Dean Dezius, Vice President, Entertainment Channels, Content and Communication said – “We are operating in a very competitive market and it is important that our channel along with every part of our entertainment output evolves and innovates to keep pace with our audience. The change to FOX Life bolsters the FNGA portfolio and matures the brand, allowing for future growth in the rapidly changing media landscape. 

We have incredibly strong content coming through over the next year, and our mission will be to ensure the content is linked to FOX Life and the global FNGA brand encouraging a re-appraisal of the brand. The new brand will promote our desired state of high quality entertainment across various genres across the region.”

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