How Epic Was "Maynila The Musical"?

Just saw "Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag The Musical" this week and it was surprizingly good.  Usually it is quite risky to stage a production this big plus the fact that it is also a musical. 

As many of Manila's theater goers are familiar with English adaptations,  Maynila The Musical stands out as proof that Filipinos does have powerful talents on Theater. Led by direk Joel Lamangan,  the project showcases his vision of showing social injustice which he has also shown in his films. 

Leading the cast are Arman Ferrer as Julio Madiaga,  Shiela Vallderama-Martinez and Lara Maigue playing Ligaya Paraiso.  I was able to catch Lara and Arman for that show which they showed their voice prowess. Arman has powerful deep voice and Lara can bring out her fierce and sweet side in her songs. I would also love to see Shiela which is no doubt can flawlessly live up to her role. 

I aslo admired Ima Castro as Mrs. Cruz and Rita Daniella as Perla. Both proved worthy of their roles which are played alternately by Dulce and Acielle Santos respectively.

The choreography is the best I've seen in a Filipino musical. Douglas Nierras and his Powerdance crew has indeed made a great job with the dance ans movement of each characters. And it was intensified by the lighting by Joey Nombres which used the space and the use of single colors that builds up unity and power.

I am also immediately became a fan of Von De Guzman for his work on the music.  In our previous interview, he said that this is hia first time to make music for a commercial stage play. The songs are catchy and holds wisdom in the lyrics.

Adding all these elements makes Maynila The Musical stand out and totally entertaining. If you love musicals like me and loves to sing them after the show, this is indeed worth the time and ticket. 

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