Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Pilots With A Duoble Role For Jodi Sta Maria

A new morning soap just started today with "Sana Dalawa Ang Puso" starring Jodi Sta, Maria, Robin Padilla, and Richard Yap. This is quite a reunion for the Maya-Sir Chief love team plus the charm of Robin Padilla adding that "astig" factor to the new show.

Jodi stars as two characters here, Mona and Liza (get the reference?). They are on opposite ends of the social class yet they share the similar face. They clarified that they are not twins like the usual plot for double roles, or triple roles like the upcoming Blood Sisters also showing on ABS-CBN.

The show fits into the same time-slot of "Be Careful With My Heart" which Richard Yap said the series can last up to 3 years because of Robin being part of the cast. Robin is also balancing his schedule as a judge in Pilipinas Not Talent and also doing advocacy works for Mindanao, especially Marawi City.

Jodi shares that doing a dual role she switches to the other role as she changes her outfit. Slipping into the sophisticated Liza with elegant apparel and accessories, and living up to the tomboyish Mona with her simple shirt and jeans and a short hair get up. Quite a challenge I should say for actors but with the versatility like Jodi, she is indeed perfect to pull this one off effectively.

And with two different characters, Robin and Richard don't need to fight over a single girl... well unless it gets complicated as the story goes. But I have to say that it is indeed a feel good series perfect for the time-slot.

Sana Dalawa Ang Puso airs on ABS-CBN daily before It's Showtime

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