Mia - Drinks and Doctors Rock

For the start of the new decade, Insight 360 offers a romantic Filipino film that brings doctors and rocks into one film - Mia. Starring Coleen Garcia and Edgar Alan Guzman, the movie was first marketed online with a trailer of a drunk lady crashing a wedding party. From there the two doctors meet the morning after. 

The trailer has now reached 12 million views on YouTube and counting. The film also takes place in Palawan which shows not the usual tourist places, rather it features the communities and homes which are also integral to the stories of Mia and Jay.

Though there are both professionals they both  have polar interests with Mia just loving to get drunk with her Bromeliad plant, Jay however is a rock nerd and loves to talk about many things. Mia herself has a lot of things going on drunk and sober. This friction may come annoying at first but eventually you will learn to understand where they are coming from. 

As doctors of their own sciences, we also get to see their work both in medicine and geology. Jay talks about rocks, climate change, reforestation etc. And sometimes both discuss on current issues which people rarely talk about in movies. Probably a subtle eye opener to viewers along with the romantic plot. 

I have to say that Mia is a hot doctor yet she becomes very professional in her work. Though she has a lot of hangovers, this is what makes her a lovable character. You can also learn about plants, rocks, and mining from Jay who just can't stop talking about them. And oddly enough you might also find yourself loving Mia's plant Bru.

This is also Coleen and EA's first love team up and it has potential. Also joining them are Yayo Aguila, William Martinez, Star Orjaliza, Jeremy Domingo, Sunshine Teodoro, Pau Benitez, Xenia Barrameda, and a special participation by Billy Crawford.

Mia is not just a love story, it also educates as well. Lessons can be learned from the characters, the issues they talked about, the visuals of the Earth, plants and communities. Yet it also keeps key elements of Pinoy RomCom like family, friends, and other hugot stuff.

Directed by Veronica Velasco, distributed by Viva Films and produced by Insight 360, MIA is now showing in theaters nationwide.

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