Moira Dela Torre gives a fresh, new take to Mulan’s ‘Reflection’

Captivating generations of Disney fans, “Reflection” has been a powerful ballad that breathed life into the narrative of Disney’s “Mulan.” Written and produced by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel, "Reflection" holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos for decades. 

Just as much the 2020 reimagined version of Mulan is set to release in Philippine cinemas in a few weeks, Disney Philippines introduces a new voice to Mulan’s iconic song as it connects to today’s generation of Disney fans. Deemed as the most streamed Filipina artist, Disney Philippines has collaborated with Moira de la Torre on a localized version of the film’s most endeared song, “Reflection.”

Attendees during the listening party were among the first to hear Moira’s rendition of “Reflection” and were also given a special sneak peek into the upcoming music video.

When asked how Moira felt when she discovered that Disney is tapping her to sing “Reflection” for fans in the Philippines, the songstress said, “I became very emotional, because ‘Reflection’ is very special to me. It’s the first-ever song I performed in public, and also the first full song that I learned on my own. It basically launched my love for music.”

Moira also shared how the song perfectly reflects how her life has been. “It's funny how it speaks about self-doubt and questioning who you see on the mirror every day. That's basically me, but every time I feel that happening now, I feel braver. This song came back at a perfect time in my life, and I could only be happy and grateful."

To her, being able to give justice to the iconic song would be a great honor, knowing how this can inspire and empower today’s generation of young Filipino girls. 

Disney’s “Mulan” arrives in Philippine theaters on March 25, 2020. Join the conversations online at #MulanPH.

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