Who Really Made A Difference This Times Of COVID-19

This pandemic has really changed almost every nation on earth today, even the industrialized nations are scrambling on what measures to do during these times. In containing and flattening the curve of infection, everyone is asked to do their part as normal activities are halted and everyone is advised to practice social distancing and proper hand washing.

The government as a national response did propose measures such as the Enhanced Community Quarantine which places the island of Luzon into strict measures to restrict flow of people and reduce infection. However it does feel that many of the provisions and memorandum have a lot of questions needed to be clarified in which makes the situation more complicated. With public transportation stopped, it also affects the frontliners who are the most critical force of the situation are put into more stress and risk.

Many local government units and department heads, depending on the location and position, have various ways dealing with quarantine. However there has been a lot of confusion and unnecessary ramblings by the officials themselves which greatly affects the implementation of the programs. Even the president despite appearing in press conferences would only mumble about different things which makes people just rely on the follow up press briefing and memorandum. 

But there is still government officials who rose up to the challenges of the situation, there were leaders in the local sector that proved they can go beyond their usual duties and make innovations despite the problem. Also in the national sector, Vice President Leni Robredo also stood out with projects initiated by her office. They were the first to provide transportation for our health workers after the  inter-agency task force banned all types of public transportation from operating. Pasig, Marikina, Valenzuela, Makati have also stepped up in providing for their constituents’ needs. It’s easy to see who should continue to lead the country in the coming years.

The private sector also did a great job in providing a lot of help, companies like the Ayalas, Gokongweis, Sys (SM) and the MVP group are some of the large conglomerates which have a number of essential business like supermarkets, pharmacies, etc open for people who needs to stock up. Utilities and banks have extended their due dates to help in using their resources to stay at home. 

Banks like Metrobank, BPI, BDO have some branches open to keep finances in check and also provide cash as jobs are halted, with some are able to work from home. Other businesses are showing compassion and decisive action in helping out. Coca-Cola, Jollibee, Filinvest, San Miguel,  the Razons, Aboitizes, Tans—all showed solidarity with every Filipino in this uncertain times.We thank our frontliners for keeping health of our society, the food and skeletal force of companies to keep us afloat, and the military, police, and local officials to keep peace and order. 

The threat of the virus may bring the best and the worst in handling these things, however it is also important that as individuals we are also participants in this fight against COVID-19. It sounds frustrating that some were not able to prove their leadership in their actions, but we also have the biggest role in making the objective attainable, to be responsible and practice  what experts are emphasizing. For now, it is best to do in our own capacity to help, probably to donate online, avoid going outdoors, cleaning our homes, and maintain our bodies healthy and clean. And we are now moving into days and counting down until this threat is over, everybody wins if everybody do their part.

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