The Ultimate Social Distancing With GCash

This pandemic has really changed the world and still affecting us in many ways. Normal activities were halted and many people needed to adjust to assure that most of us should stay at home and reduce the number of infections. This has been the scenario everywhere in the world which disrupted a lot of industries, events, and way of life.

As hand washing and social distancing is now becoming a norm to everyone, the need to keep ourselves free from contamination is to avoid going out, touching surfaces and our face, and even direct interaction with people. With the enhanced community quarantine, people are not allowed to go out unless needed like getting supplies, medicine, do bank transactions etc.

Yet Pinoys are very dependent on establishment like remittance centers and banks where families and friends can send money. However these places are also full of people during this pandemic which is susceptible to infection and contamination. As people need to be physically present to fill up forms, handle cash, and even make unnoticeable gestures that can lead to catching the virus.

That is why its highly recommended to process them at home using online options like GCash, which is the most used electronic wallet in the country. Since it is app based, there are a lot of options you can do like pay bills, buy online, yet the most useful feature of the app nowadays is the Send Money option using Express Send where users can send money from one GCash user to another  user for FREE. This comes very useful for people in a hurry to send to anywhere in the Philippines using the app.

You can also use the Send to Bank option where it can transfer money directly to bank account again for Free! Today they have over 40 partner banks to transact, and it is better than the other bank apps which charge when doing bank transfers.

This convenient way helps stop spreading the disease by promoting social distancing, keeping yourself safe in your homes. Eliminating the hassle of going to the bank with limited banking hours, getting into lines, holding forms and cash which could be contaminated, and time wasted of doing all of this for a single transaction.

Knowing this feature works very well for me especially today since I rarely go out unless necessary. But when I needed to have funds, the Express Send feature is what I recommended to clients who wants to send payments and friends to wanted to help out. And it was done in probably less than a minute, after banking hours, and never need to leave the house for that task.

With the current situation still making normal tasks uncertain, we should really go with the smart way of transferring which is actually more easy yet very useful in the challenging period. And you can even start now by making an account  by downloading the app one your phone: 

Google Play:
Apple Appstore:

Once you got everything set up, you can now start making those transactions. You can also load up your Gcash using your bank account, and try the other features of the app. So stay at home more and stay safe!

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