More Jobs For Filipinos Available As ABS-CBN Launches "TrabaHanap"

More Filipinos will soon be able to find work in "TrabaHanap," ABS-CBN's newest public service initiative that offers job openings in construction, factories, fast food centers, and more. "Trabahanap fully embodies ABS-CBN's mission to be of service to the Filipino as it opens opportunities to a vast number of people looking for livelihood," said Mark Awiten, head of Trabahanap and CineMo channel. 

The job placement service is available in three platforms—online, on air via the CineMo Channel and on INFOplus of ABS-CBN TVplus, and on-ground via job fairs. 

"We've made the service visible in various ways so that job seekers have more chances to find the work they are looking for," Awiten said. 

With the Trabahanap website Filipinos are just a click away from the jobs that `it them. Among its features is a geolocation capability that will find job openings that are near the jobseekers' homes. Users can set it in any of the t distance options, namely 3 kms, 5 kms, 10 ks, and 15 kms. 

We believe that helping Filipinos find jobs is just as important as giving them he chance to have more time with their families," said Awiten. 

A place of work that is close to home also means that workers are less stressed with commute and have more money saved from transportation. 

The money that workers can save from  commuting can now be used for other family expenses," Awiten added.

Jobseekers just need to register and create an account on the website to start using the service. 

Trabahanap will join various job fairs around the country to give access to job opportunities to those with no internet connection. 

CineMo will also continue to air job postings at the end of every program. The public is encouraged to watch CineMo channel and follow Trabahanap on Facebook for announcements on job fairs.

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