A New Year for New Beginnings at Tagaytay Highlands’ Horizon Terraces Garden Suites

While the pandemic has caused sweeping changes in our lives, home as we know it has morphed from not just a place of refuge but also into a hub for work, study, and even business. As families stress over space to rethink how their domiciles can sustain frenzied activities and still serve as a haven at the end of a long day, they are considering a bigger picture: Visualizing their primary home in an idyllic suburban setting just one-and-a-half to two hours away from the metro.

At Tagaytay Highlands’ Asian contemporary-themed Horizon Terraces Garden Suites—luxurious five-storey, low-density residential condos with stunning nature vistas all around, the new year ushers in such new beginnings in life. 

After spending months quarantined indoors, people are raring to break free and move out of the congested metropolis. Settling down in the suburbs has suddenly become enticing. 

For one, Horizon Terraces Garden Suites’ 3.2 hectares of land is picturesque at every turn. Imagine gazing out on the placid lake of Taal. Then rising in the distance is the mythical Mt. Makiling, while close by and accessible are the Midlands Golf Course and the expansive Central Garden with over 70 percent of development dedicated to open space. 

The benefits are manifold. With Horizon Terraces Garden Suites’ laid-back lifestyle, one can say goodbye to toxic fumes from vehicle-clogged streets. Less air pollution means breathing in more fresh air. The community abounds with greenery. The sight alone is balm to the spirit. Not to mention each condo unit allows natural light and ventilation to flow into the home, enabling one to experience the best of nature even indoors. Watch the sun rise or set from balconies on the higher floors or engage in tranquil meditation in the groundfloor units’ terraces.

Offering one- and two-bedroom units of 43 to 68 square meters, Horizon Terraces Garden Suites is designed to be an alternative primary home that is defined by luxurious living spaces and healthful conveniences. Its family-friendly leisure amenities let one finally know what work-life balance truly means. That is because minimal stress and a more relaxed pace boost one’s immunity and improve the cardiovascular system. 

Indeed, small town life affords a healthy dose of nature to both locals and migrants. At times of health crises such as a pandemic, having a primary home close to nature’s bounty promotes optimum mental health. Each time one goes on “nature escapes,” anxiety and worry give way to joy and optimism.  

As Horizon Terraces Garden Suites is part of the Tagaytay Highlands community, its homeowners and investors enjoy exclusive access to the first-rate golf and country club. Also within their reach are challenging golf courses, the cable car, various sports facilities, and specialty restaurants. 

For all these, Tagaytay Highlands is offering flexible payment terms to help investors protect their wealth and turn their property investments into real assets.

With the country still in the grip of a pandemic, Tagaytay Highlands assures everyone that all facilities are subjected to regular disinfection and that personnel strictly comply with safety protocols—hand sanitation, wearing of face mask and face shield, and social distancing—at all times.

As demonstrated in the past, Tagaytay Highlands’ Property Management team has likewise proven to be competent in its delivery of quick crisis response during natural and high-risk events.

Thus, there is no better time than now to put the congested metropolis behind and start anew in an idyllic setting. Horizon Terraces Garden Suites transports one back to the heart of nature as one reclaims everything good in life.

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