Hope And Care Continues As We Leave 2020

Like one of the popular songs today, life goes on for many of us despite the year 2020 has been not the best year for everybody. Imagine that the bustling economy and daily social life was put into a halt almost instantly, and it has affected us in one way or more.

From the usual gatherings we have, we have been living in quarantine for months, and maybe can reach up to a year. Jobs were lost as businesses were closed. Schools and Offices goes online just to avoid infection. And even during holidays, traveling is strictly discouraged as part of health protocols.

This make its really sad to experience but we have to adjust to keep ourselves and and our families safe. But there is a glimmer of hope as we are now receiving news of a vaccine that will help us go back to normal. However it will still take a while for it to be distributed to all, and it still practical to keep safe than sorry.

There are also a lot of things that we learned during these times. We made a lot of dishes and even learned to bake things. Some learned the virtue of farming and taking care of plants. Some were able to catch up with different series via online streaming as we replaced being stuck in traffic with binge watching. And even our elders have embraced technology as part of the new normal which kept us all connected.

Despite the many hardships that we have been through this year, hope has kept us steadfast to be optimistic and see that there are also good things that have happened in our lives. Personally I can say that there were instances of blessings that came in recent months. I am very thankful for these things that come at challenging times. 

Being grateful surely is a trait that keeps us optimistic of what can still happen in the future. As we are still unsure if things can get better of worse. Yet during this moments, even one good news brings hope for us all.

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