With Ohmyhome, purchasing a property has never been easier

With Ohmyhome, viewing properties is a hassle-free and 
informative experience. Just one tap on the app or one click 
on the website allows each property listing to show high-quality 
photos, the price of the property, the complete address,
 and an option to view its location on the map.

From the time leading proptech company Ohmyhome launched its services in Singapore in 2016, and Malaysia in 2019, it has helped thousands of property seekers find the ideal home through its practical and innovative application and website. Buoyed up by their impressive success in these first two outings, Ohmyhome had looked to replicate their performance in the Philippines, a fact that is now validated by the tremendously positive feedback from initial users.

Primed to make the housing journey fast and affordable for the Philippine market, Ohmyhome lost no time in making a vast number of options available for Filipino homebuyers. 

“All types of residences are available from our real estate developer-partners,” company founders Race and Rhonda Wong confidently assure users. “These include condominium units, bungalows, single-attached and single-detached house-and-lot units. Lot-only options are also in the platform.”

To date, Ohmyhome has established partnerships with real estate developers such as Vista Land International, Suntrust Properties, Inc., and Avida Land, all known for their stylishly designed and high-quality homes in master-planned communities built with contemporary amenities. 

Find the home that best suits your needs and preferences 
by looking through the Ohmyhome app and website, which features 
properties from established real estate companies such as Vista Land
 International, Suntrust Properties, Inc., and Avida Land, among others. 

Interested property seekers can also check out units from Community Creators, Inc., Sunwealth Land Development Corp., and Honeycomb Builders, Inc.,through the Ohmyhome website and app. 

To boost the vast array of choices, Ohmyhome offers its DIY option, which homeowners can use to post units and lots for sale. 

Race says, “Our DIY option is similar to an open market for buyers and sellers, which adds to the diversity and variety of available listings.”

Considering the variety of homes to choose from, the application has a “Featured Listings” tab, easily found in the app home page, which leads to various house-and-lot units and condominium homes for sale in different areas in the Philippines. 

Viewing each property is also a hassle-free and informative experience. Rhonda shares, “With just one tap on the app or one click on the website, each property listing will show high-quality photos, the price of the property, the complete address, and an option to view its location on the map.

All types of residences are available from Ohmyhome’s 
developer-partners. These include condominium units,
 bungalows, single-attached, and house-and-lot units.
 Lot-only options are also in the platform’s listings

“This is followed by a detailed home description, and a summary of its facts and features: lot area, floor area, property type (for example: townhouse, single attached), furnishings (whether fully furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished), number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, parking slots, and property developer.”

The listing also shows facilities available in the development. Some projects available through the platform have leisure amenities such as swimming pools and gym facilities, for homeowners to have fun and enjoy after a busy day of work. Developments also have facilities for convenience, like a laundry or parking area, which helps residents live more manageable lives. 

When app and website users scroll down to the bottom of the property page, they will find ‘Similar Listings’ which shows properties in the same location or with features similar to those of the property being viewed. 

The Ohmyhome platform provides all the information interested
 homebuyers need to decide on a purchase. Listings show 
detailed home descriptions such as property type, number of bedrooms,
 number of bathrooms, parking slots, and property developer. 

Users can also ‘label’ a certain listing as a ‘favorite’ by tapping a heart icon on the upper right portion of the property photos. This should prove helpful if and when they decide to go back to the process at a later time.   

Finally, Ohmyhome recently made the ‘ShoutOut’ feature available, enabling platform users to post their specific property preferences. Through this exclusive in-app feature, property-seekers can indicate what exactly they are looking for in homes--such as property type, floor area, and other unit features. Property sellers and developers can then reach out to them when they see their ‘shoutout’. 

Purchasing properties is also made simpler largely because of Ohmyhome’s commitment to ensure flexible payment methods for its clients. “Given the challenges of the pandemic, developers offer extended equity payments of up to 60 or even 80 months. Some developers also have promos such as ‘pay-next-year’ to spur Filipinos to buy their dream homes and move in now,” Race shares. 

“We are likewise coordinating with financial institutions to set up the best payment options through new avenues like mobile money, e-commerce, and other digital ways. At Ohmyhome, we commit to innovation as the key to serving the Filipino market in the most efficient ways,” she adds. 

About Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome makes property transactions simple, fast, and affordable through a DIY platform, top-tier agent services, mortgage advisory, conveyancing, and much more. It is Singapore’s leading PropTech Solution and a CEA-licensed real estate agency. 

The DIY (self-serve) platform connects homeowners and searchers directly at no cost. Thousands of property listings are genuine, unique, and simple to browse. Innovative features such as ‘ShoutOut’ and ‘Open House’ enhance the overall user experience. For those who prefer comprehensive and professional assistance, competitively priced house and condominium agent services are available. 

Powered by advanced technology and trusted by customers, Ohmyhome agents are the most efficient in the market. Since its launch, Ohmyhome has 175,000 monthly active users. More than 5,300 homes have transacted through Ohmyhome, which represents a combined value of over US$1 billion. 

Ohmyhome was launched in Malaysia in July 2019 and in the Philippines in September 2020, as part of its expansion plans in the Southeast Asia Region. It is the first cross-border, one-stop property solution with its tech-enabled offerings that have served thousands of customers in Singapore.

For more information, please visit: https://ohmyhome.com/en-ph or download the app at https://ohmyhome.com/download-app.

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