Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash is this Season’s Must-Have

Spending so much time at home during this humid dry season really does make you want to take showers even more. But doing it so often makes it feel like such a chore. Good thing Safeguard just released the NEW Natural Detox Foaming Body Wash — the first in the Philippines. And it comes in three luxurious fragrances namely Pomegranate, Bamboo Charcoal, and the classic Pure White. Foaming body wash can make for a luxurious bathing experience and transform an everyday shower feel indulgent, while also deep clean your skin.

Ordinary soaps are only able to clean surface level, leaving behind germs, pollution, and oil in the skin. Every pump of the Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash body wash is a light and airy foam that purifies the skin while gently lifting germs, dirt, and oil with their new Triple Detox technology that provides 99.9% germ protection. Plus, not only are you able to have a fun and indulgent shower experience, but you also you get to save on water consumption of up to 30% in each shower. 

The humidity can get quite intense and leave you taking more showers than you’d prefer. Project Vanity took the three variants to test and was undeniably blown away by the distinct scents of Safeguard Foaming Body Wash. The Pomegranate, Bamboo Charcoal, and the classic Pure White variants are able to take you for your most coveted outdoor getaway, even with just a shower at home. 

Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash for Every Occasion

On days when you need an energy boost, Project Vanity recommends the Safeguard Foaming Body Wash in Pomegranate for a burst of bold freshness and juicy scent and to bring fun at home, while the humidity and dry season intensifies.

If you’re seeking for a relaxing pampering day, the Safeguard Foaming Body Wash in Bamboo Charcoal is just the Zen shower that you’re looking forward on. According to Project Vanity, the beach is just a scent and foam away. With the smell of the beach and mint this variant brings your well-deserved pampering in the shower.

And on days when you feel like being nostalgic, the Safeguard Foaming Body Wash in Pure White is your variant of choice. The classic and famous Safeguard scent that exudes simplicity and familiarity that might just bring back childhood memories. Project Vanity describes the experience as “finding a cozy spot to catch up on some reading or loosening up with a yoga sesh”.

Project Vanity also shared that each pump of the Safeguard Foaming Body Wash’s fragrance starts out strong yet tones down after cleansing the skin. “Then post-rinse, the scents tone down and stay close to the skin. Meaning, you can still use your lotion and perfume without the smells conflicting. I have peace of mind that I got a Safeguard Natural Detox deep cleansing, minus any tightness on the skin.”

Read more on the in-depth review of Project Vanity for each of the three variants of the Safeguard Foaming Body Wash. There’s never a dull shower moment with the new Safeguard Foaming Body Wash — you might even #FoamInLoveWithShowers more than you already do. One thing is for sure, it’s this season’s must-have item for fun showers.

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Teleport to your own respite and have fun even when you’re just in the shower with the new Safeguard Detox Foaming Body Wash. Shop now through the official Safeguard store in Lazada.

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