Fitter Together: Huawei Health App Opens Up a Whole New World of Well-Being

To maximize the benefits of its fitness tracker/smartwatch lineup, as well as accompany the launch of the Huawei Band 6, Huawei released the dedicated Health app - an intelligent health companion that seamlessly integrates with new and existing smart wearables.

The Huawei Health app is perfect for people who want to kick-start their physical fitness journeys, track their day-to-day health, and even sync a multitude of wearable gear all in one place.

Read on to find out more about how the Huawei Health can unlock a whole world of powerful fitness management in just a few taps.

Health tracking to the next level

Huawei Health is an incredibly useful companion app that tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, stress levels, and more. This is ideal for athletic types to maximize the efficiency of their exercise, or for home-bound professionals to mitigate health risks, just as a few examples.

Better yet, the Huawei Band 6’s two-week battery life (standard usage) enables the Health app to collate data continuously for longer, providing greater insight on the user’s health and fitness status.

When synced with the Huawei Band (or any smart wearable), Huawei Health organizes all health data from the device and displays it on the app in dynamic, easy-to-understand graphs. Whether it’s from one device or multiple, monitoring health has never been more convenient with Huawei Health’s integrated solution.

A better workout experience

Users can implement custom training and workout plans with the Health app’s Dynamic Tracking feature. Newbie runners for example, can use the in-app Running Guide to help them get through their first few kilometers all the way to full marathon distances. The app can help users plan out routes while displaying key information such as heart rate, pace, calories burned and more. 

Dynamic Tracking lets users choose their current workout activity for monitoring, or let the app identify the kind of exercise they’re doing and start recording relevant data automatically. Pair that with the lengthy battery life on the Band 6 and it becomes a powerful companion for accomplishing a variety fitness goals.

Users can also share their fitness programs and achievements on social media via the app, presented in vibrant animated clips which can be customized to the user’s preferences.

Sync to Huawei wearables

In addition to gathering and displaying health data, syncing the Health app with Huawei wearables like the Band 6 lets users manage that device’s features in-app. Update music playlists, manage apps, customize watch faces, and take part in fitness challenges all from the app’s convenient interface. Such control extends to multiple Huawei devices, so users need only check the app and see the status on all their gear.

Compatibility with all platforms

The Health app comes by default with new Huawei smartphones, but it works on iOS and other Android devices as well. Apple users can download it via the App Store and non-Huawei Android users can get the app through official Huawei download links. 

Constant updates on the Health app continue to improve its features on services for all platforms, including the one from early April (version for Android, version for iOS). Future versions will focus on UX improvement on the Steps feature statistics, the ability to detect nearby devices to streamline the pairing process, and adding more sports types for creating training courses. Huawei is also working on aligning the iOS version’s features to be the same as the Android version by September this year.

This cross-platform compatibility lets more people benefit from Huawei’s smarter health tracking technology, and help them achieve greater fitness goals.

Science-based fitness habits go a long way towards achieving not only a physically fit body, but a greater understanding of one’s health. Get started on that journey today with the Huawei Health app and the Huawei Band 6.

Start using your Huawei Health App and keep track of your goals and health! You may also download Huawei Health App via Huawei AppGallery for Huawei users, Google Playstore if Android users and App Store for iOS users. Download now! 

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