GCash Makes New Investors Everyday with GInvest

While many Filipinos understand the value of saving one’s money for a rainy day, the word ‘investment’ has always been shrouded with a cloud of confusion and mystery.

A lot of people are usually discouraged by the complexities of investment because of the risks of losing money. To make investing more accessible and affordable to Filipinos, GCash, the mobile wallet app, streamlines the whole investment process with the launch of its latest product, GInvest.

GInvest is the first-ever digital investment platform which allows Filipinos as young as 18 years old and with a valid ID to explore investments and conveniently grow their wealth through a tap of their GCash app. “We want people to learn how to invest and understand the benefits of investing their savings. With GInvest, they are able to put in as low as ₱50 and make it earn so they can use the returns to buy whatever they want,” said Martha Sazon, President and CEO of Mynt, the company behind GCash. 

To give Filipinos a sneak peek of what to expect in this breakthrough product, GCash recently mounted a webinar called GCash Money Talks: Gustong Mag-invest But Don’t Know How? 

It’s first episode featured digital creators in the fields of lifestyle, entertainment and finance such as Melissa Ricks, Thea Bautista, and Lou Sanchez, the event educated viewers on the fundamentals of investment: what to consider, how to do it, and what you get out of it in an easily digestible way. It also empowered Filipinos to take charge of their finances and identify their goals to achieve their dreams, whether it be for saving for their family or adding to their personal travel fund. 

How GInvest Works 

Through GInvest, users can choose among five different funds such as the following:  

Money Market Fund - the more traditional way of investing such as time deposits, using this as a place to park your money before investing.

Philippine Total Return Bond Fund - lets users invest in bonds in local companies and the government

Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund - allows users to invest in the top local companies in the country through the PSEi index, such as BPI, Globe, and Ayala

Global Technology Feeder Fund- lets users invest in tech trailblazers like Google, Apple, and Samsung

Global Consumer Trends Fund - allows users to invest in innovative companies like Shopee, Nintendo, or Alibaba

To start investing via GInvest, you simply need to log in to your GCash app using a fully verified account and then go into the GInvest module. After you “Proceed to start registration,” you will need to answer the Risk Profile assessment, which helps you determine which investment you should make. Upon reading and confirming the Terms and Conditions, you can start investing. From there, you can easily monitor your investment and buy and sell stocks all through the app. 

What’s convenient about GInvest is you can get started with as little as ₱50 buy-in for local funds and ₱1,000 for international funds, making it accessible to anyone. These affordable rates make GInvest by GCash the first fintech company in the Philippines to offer low investment buy-ins. 

Together with ATRAM Trust Corporation, the leading independent asset manager in the country, and SEEDBOX Philippines, a company which has introduced digitized investing in the Philippines, GInvest provides access to expertly managed funds with industry leaders like Ayala and Globe locally, and the likes of Alibaba, Apple, and Google globally. Users can trust the funds they put in are being managed by the most trusted fund managers in the country and are kept secure by GCash infrastructures. 

With GInvest by GCash, anyone can start investing and pave their way into the life they’ve always wanted. It’s an extraordinary entryway to the wonderful world of financial freedom and lets you #UnlockYourLifeGoals at the press of a button.

GInvest by GCash is available for fully verified GCash users. For more information, you may visit www.gcash.com/services/investments

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