LESHA Breaks Free from the Norm

The electropop singer with global sound launches her second track, Karma

In a cutthroat industry such as music and entertainment, newbies can experience some sort of possession by monopolizing forces. Sadly, it’s an unfortunate situation to be in.  Its either you give in, or you break free.  You always have a choice on how to steer your path to achieve your end goal.  The hard truth is that there’s always the Law of Karma coming right at you. Thus, everything you do comes back to you, whether it’s good or bad. 

For electropop singer and now independent singer Lesha, Karma is more than just a word that you utter daily. But rather, she wants to impart a whole new meaning to the term through a song. This has become a way to defy the norms, break out from the lousy system and share her story no holds barred. Lesha is making it loud and strong statement with her newly launched second single, KARMA. Her latest track included in her SUN MOON RISING global collaboration album.

In “KARMA”, Lesha speaks her truth of having to deal with people in the past for only seeing her value when they are able to take advantage of her. She expresses how her past experiences and learnings molded her into the artist and person she is today which serves as her motivation to continue working smarter and harder because she believes that success is her best revenge. 

Likewise, Lesha once again is collaborating with her Co-Producers friends from all over the globe generously supporting her through this track. Although Lesha produced and recorded her demo for KARMA in her own bedroom,  she decided to send in the song to her collaborator/co-producer from South Korea, REBENN, and he took the lead from there. Another friend Nephibis, a rapper from Baltimore USA, who Lesha previously collaborated with on a track for the Netflix Film: Project Power and was also cool to jump in for a verse. And the rest, as they say is history.

Expect this new song to be a revolutionary anthem for listeners going through the same predicament as Lesha on being an independent singer, songwriter, and producer of her own music fighting the injustice of the system that she went through. “I made sure to make this song relatable to whatever situation a person is going through in life and I feel like I’ve hit a jackpot with KARMA,” she shares.

Giving you a sneak peek of what you are about to tune in.  You all better heed the words straight from Lesha as she flesh out the analogies of Karma’s lyrics and speak out the real truth in her own words. 

You’re underrated baby, know you’ll make it far 

Lesha says: This line was inspired by my YouTube’s comment section and twitter mentions. When people would watch or listen to my music on YouTube or tweet about me, they’d always write something cool about me then go “....she’s super underrated though and I don’t know why”. I guess I’m just aware of how much passion, time, money, effort, and love I put into all my projects for it to not get the attention I believe it deserves, and how many times I’d get an opportunity where one of my videos would go viral, but none of them actually translated to make me cut through as an artist here in the Philippines. Through the years, I’ve shown my audience that an artist that can make it in the industry without being backed up by the big machinery. I’ve had so many people take advantage of me in the past, but that doesn’t stop me.”

But if only you could see things from my point of view, they’ll only love you when you make them bank…

Lesha says: The line also talks about how unfair the industry can be. When an artist goes viral, that’s the only time they will invest and build them which is probably also why there are so many talented artists out there who are unseen for their work because they were never given the platform or stage they deserve all because of how the system works. With this, I came up a decision to make the bold move of going fully independent again and teaming up with a new team for my music distribution, because I felt it was the right thing to do.

“It gets messier make sure you bring your gun”

Lesha says: This line is basically a warning that you have to be prepared before getting into the industry (in my case, the music industry) cause it’s tough, there’ll be people who’ll doubt you and your capabilities, people who plan to take advantage of you, or people who are just there because they need to use you. I’ve been belittled, used, and manipulated being in the industry for a while now and I think it’s something people have to be aware of that it’s not all just fun and games.

Lesha is unstoppable in reaching her goals. There’s more to look forward to the next coming days, so watch out for a stronger and more vocal Lesha who isn’t fearless to pursue what she wants. “I can say KARMA is a very “Lesha” song in a sense that people can tell because of the messaging, the visual aesthetic, and the overall vibe of the track which is the complete opposite from my first release, SUN MOON RISING. This is something people should expect from the next releases in the album because each release has its own flavor or side people haven’t seen or heard from Lesha yet.”

KARMA, the second single of Lesha’s  upcoming global collaboration visual album titled 'SUN MOON RISING' dropping this October 8, 2021 on all digital music streaming platforms! Check out Lesha’s  music on Spotify or watch the official music videos, covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube Channel.

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