GMA's "To Have And To Hold" Presents Another Level Of Infidelity Stories

Many might be fed up with stories that revolves around troubled marriages, but GMA's "To Have And To Hold" (THATH) have something more to offer. Shown after "Legal Wives" which is also a unique Marriage complexities, THATH is also a league of its own. 

It stars Carla Abellana as Erica Gatchalian, Rocco Nacino as Gavin Ramirez, and Max Collins as Dominique Ramirez. Like many love stories, it starts with a lot of romance that leads into marriage. But secrets of an affair eventually comes out at unexpected times. There was also that scene that Gavin (Rocco) had a intense monologue as he talks to Erica (Carla) who is comma and just discovered her own infidelity.

The series also becomes more relatable to the cast ay they themselves are now all married. Carla recently had their nuptials with fiancé Tom Rodriguez. Rocco who is also recently married also can relate to the story with his past experiences. It's also a leveling up with their careers as they are now taking roles of married adults and more intense drama.

Things get more complicated as their infidelities has a lot of links and emotional shifts which seems to confuse viewers who will end up with who. And feedback from viewers say that the story is indeed relatable and some also praised its cinematography.

Though unfaithfulness is really a complicated matter, it is still a reality with many married couples which is why the genre is still viewers would still watch. To Have And To Hold made it more interesting with how the story unfolds with every episode. 

To Have And To Hold airs on GMA Network after Legal Wives.

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