RUSH offers eStore promo to help SMEs this holiday season

With the pandemic propelling digitalization and ecommerce changing the retail landscape in the Philippines, going online has become more important now more than ever for businesses. This is especially true during the Christmas season, prompting merchants to rethink their digital strategies to capitalize on the expected increase in eCommerce consumption.

To help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) adjust to the new reality and reach more Filipino consumers online during the holidays, digital solutions provider RUSH is handing out huge savings to SMEs by offering its introductory eStore Starter subscription package at only Php4,999, a 66% markdown from its original price of Php15,000. With only 100 available slots, SMEs can take advantage of this limited-time offer starting October 1, 2021.

In 2020, the Department of Trade and Industry[1] recorded a huge increase in registration of online businesses from a mere 1,700 names in the first quarter to around 88,000 by the end of 2020. Stephanie Kubota, RUSH Chief Executive Officer, said: “eCommerce has reignited economic activity in the country and has created a newfound confidence for business owners in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. With this limited-time RUSH eStore offer, we hope to make it easier for emerging businesses to leverage this growth, bring their stores online, and fully scale.”

RUSH eStore Suite Starter subscription was tailored to fit the needs of SMEs so they can expand their reach, engage with customers, manage and fulfill orders, and grow revenue streams. This end-to-end eCommerce solution takes care of the customer cycle from discovery to delivery which empowers businesses to do more than just selling.

“With movement restrictions still in place, traditional shopping in brick and mortar stores becomes difficult. People then become more inclined to shop online. As the festive season approaches, there is an anticipated increase in shopping activity. We have repackaged our RUSH eStore Starter subscription with SMEs in mind so they can meet their customers wherever they are, however they choose to shop,” said James Gasara, RUSH Chief Marketing Officer.

Merchants availing this limited-edition rate of RUSH eStore at Php4,999 can choose to open their online store using a ready-made website, or go live on GLife - GCash’s marketplace that lets brands be discovered by millions of users.  As a growth partner of emerging businesses, RUSH eStore allows merchants to enroll an unlimited number of branches and staff accounts, upload an unlimited number of products, and enjoy unlimited send-outs of transactional SMS.

SMEs will also have access to RUSH’s easy-to-use order processor, transactional reports, and merchant partner support portal. To help brands win more customers, SMS and email engagement tools, promo code creator, and adjustable radius kilometer coverage can be utilized.

The RUSH eStore enables merchants to activate various payment options for their customers such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, and cash on delivery (COD). Merchants can then receive their payouts weekly, straight to their bank accounts. On the other hand, businesses are ensured efficient last-mile delivery as merchants can either activate their in-house logistics team for order fulfillment or enable RUSH’s integrated third-party logistics. Higher eStore subscription plans are also available for merchants with more business needs

RUSH Technologies Inc. (RUSH) is the loyalty and eCommerce solutions company under 917Ventures,  Globe’s corporate venture builder. For more information about RUSH’s offer, you may visit or contact

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