A Sign of Things to Come for Print Shops with the Latest Large Format Printers

In our daily routine, few things stop us in our tracks like an awesome billboard or creative signage. With digital advertising increasingly gaining traction in the region, billboards and creative displays continue evolving to engage, entice and inspire us. Despite the many distractions in our world, glowing backlit displays, creative vehicle wraps, and vibrant POP displays are evolving to help brands gain attention.

Indeed, companies are finding more ways to incorporate engaging patterns, bold colours and unique prints into the lives of consumers by being more creative and innovative in their visual engagements. The latest advancements in printing technology, including advanced image processing software and high-density inks, are supporting these new applications with more sustainable processes that deliver impactful visuals that companies expect.

These expanding printing applications are giving print shops across Southeast Asia an opportunity to contribute to the growth of new signage trends in the region. By investing in the latest printer models in their shops, businesses can deliver high-quality outputs on a wider range of paper types and materials. The efficiency, precision and versatility of these machines make it more cost effective over time than older models, since businesses spend less time on maintenance, complete jobs for customers faster and use less energy to operate.

New Indoor and Outdoor Large Format Printing Applications

In an increasingly competitive market, outdoor advertising and displays remain an effective way for companies to stand out and enhance consumer experiences. Thanks to advances in film materials, finishing, and a growing automotive industry in Asia Pacific, the practice of wrapping buses, cars and other vehicles with branding and advertisements is growing rapidly. Estimates suggest that the global market will expand at a 15% CAGR between 2021 and 2025.

The interior design market is also utilising printing solutions to feed a growing market demand for bespoke patterns on wallpapers, curtains, and other creative indoor design ideas. Substrates certified safe for indoor use, decals, canvases and other wall coverings are gaining popularity among consumers with growing disposable incomes, interior designers, and commercial printers alike.

What the Latest Printers Offer

These emerging opportunities as well as the jobs print shops handle today can be completed with the latest large format signage printers like the Epson S-series and R-series. These printers, with Epson’s industry-leading PrecisionCore printhead technology, consistently produce vibrant, high-quality prints. With almost double the resolution of conventional printheads, and the ability for each nozzle to produce miniscule dot sizes on demand up to 50,000 times a second, print jobs can achieve fine detail and fill an area fast from the first printout. This improves the print output with a wider range of inks including aqueous dyes, Eco Solvent, and UV curable inks, as well as its durability on a wide range of materials. Turnaround times for print jobs are faster and businesses can print higher volumes without significant downtime or maintenance.

Epson’s UltraChrome GS3 series eco-solvent and UltraChrome RS ink also contributes to higher-quality images by delivering a wider range of colours. The result is an outstanding gloss level and colour vibrancy. Ink set consumption has been reduced and ink dries faster than before. It is also UL GREENGUARD Gold certified, confirming that chemical emissions during printing are low enough to make it safe for indoor use. The high-yield inks also produce less waste than traditional ink cartridges, which is better for the environment. These new models provide the highest level of durability, precision and sustainability, making the printing process more cost-effective over time.

Business Opportunities Abound

Creative businesses are pushing the boundaries of signage by adopting the latest large format printer technology, which enables print shop owners to increase their product offering and the applications that they can produce. As many businesses look to grow in 2021, investing in the latest printer technology can deliver a much-needed boost by increasing commercial opportunities for local print shops across Southeast Asia. These printers can open the door to new service offerings that address the evolving needs of brands and keep pace with indoor and outdoor design trends. Epson’s S-series and R-series printers deliver superior results in the shortest possible time and enable local printers to adapt to these changes and widen their service offerings.

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