REVIEW: Hawkeye

Another fun series Marvel Studios released as part of their Phase 4 of the MCU is Hawkeye which is the last series to be released in 2021. Though many have clamored for his own movie can also be a possibility but having a series was a good call to give more development of Clint and Kate's story who both holds the mantle of Hawkeye.


The series might also be just six episodes but tells a lot of first building the connection between Clint and Kate as they are both world apart from being an Avenger and a superhero-in-training. Though I have not red the comics about Kate Bishop's origin, her character does give her a unique personality which many would compare with other archer characters. She has a strong determination, sense of humor, and good archery skills that can keep up with Barton.

The series did also address the character of Ronin which was ruthless, made many enemies, and was killer. As Clint wanted to move on from that dark past, Kate stumbled upon Ronin clothes and even used it in combat. Unintentionally making enemies and got caught in the chaos where Ronin was involved. But this also brought the two together to work which also has friction at first but finally worked as partners.

There were characters that will also be part of the expanding MCU with Echo (Maya Lopez), Yelena (Black Widow), and Kingpin (Wilson Fisk). With more series to be launched in the next few years, series such as Hawkeye support the movies by giving more context to origins, connections and plot. With Phase 4 being a time of the multiverse, connections will be highlighted and can also fix plot holes by introducing variants and other characters that will lead to the new generation of superhero teams.

The series might not has an avengers-level threat, but has the elements of one which fits with the origin story of Kate Bishop. Though as Clint becomes one of the last original Avengers, there is also the fear that he will be killed in the future. However that will also be devastating given that he is also a family man.

Definitely there will be a season two for this series, and I also love the Rodgers musical which was made for the series and deserves to have its own live musical in Broadway (maybe foreshadowing?) And just in time for Christmas, can it also be considered as a Christmas special? So many questions yet I am happy with this series and looking forward to the next MCU movies and series.

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