Here’s how TikTok propelled Ricky Montgomery into indie-pop stardom

If there’s an artist whose songs have aged like fine wine, it’s Ricky Montgomery. Anyone who’s on TikTok has probably heard two of the indie-pop star’s songs on repeat  – “Mr. Loverman” and “Line Without a Hook.” The former is a softer, more gentle track that builds up to a rousing sing-along chorus, while the latter is a more upbeat narrative on coming of age paired with power-pop riffs.

Both songs were actually released in 2016 as part of Ricky’s album titled Montgomery Ricky, but it wasn’t until recently that they became certified hits. Today’s listeners have clearly found his sound to be equal parts comforting, relatable, and timeless. These songs, particularly “Line Without a Hook,” propelled him into TikTok stardom and earned him over one million followers on the platform.

Filipinos were quick to use Ricky’s songs on their videos, even creating their own storylines for them. One that has been especially popular is using “Line Without a Hook” for POV skits where the school nerd practices for a singing audition or talent show.

A screenshot of Ricky Montgomery’s duet video with TikTok star Spencer Serafica

Filipino content creator Feby Villar made a TikTok for this trend, and it has garnered over five million likes and 30 thousand comments, one of which came from Ricky himself. Another content creator, Spencer Serafica, also joined in on the fun and his creative take on the popular POV skit didn’t go unnoticed. Ricky ended up doing a duet video with his video.

This shows not only the appeal of Ricky’s songs, but his gratitude toward anyone who supports his music. His TikTok page is filled with countless other videos of him duetting with people who have used his songs as audio.

The virality of his songs on the social platform was a turning point for Ricky, who nearly quit being a musician just before his songs’ new-found fame. But with a little assurance of his music’s impact, especially during the pandemic, he decided to continue doing what he loves.

Ricky is currently doing a massive tour across the US, and has recently released an EP titled It’s 2016 Somewhere. It shares his genuine feelings about the whirlwind journey of his career and his life in general. It also serves as somewhat of a catharsis for him – one last look at the past before he moves toward what’s ahead.

Aside from including acoustic versions of his songs “Mr. Loverman” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” Ricky’s EP highlights key moments in his life, whether it’s heartbreak from a romantic relationship or the grief behind his dad’s death. Fans will be delighted that the EP is the best of both worlds: Ricky staying true to his sound while being a breath of fresh air to today’s indie-pop scene.

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