Opposing political views in the family? Watch #UsapTayo video

In a few days, Filipinos will cast their votes in the May 9 national elections. To say that the road to the elections has been tumultuous is an understatement–it’s no secret that differing political views and miscommunication have put a strain on the relationships within Filipino families.

As a brand that promotes strong and meaningful connections at home, PLDT Home has always believed that the home should remain a safe space for every family member to speak up and listen with an open heart. 

This is at the heart of #USAPTAYO, PLDT Home’s newest video that encourages every Filipino family to sit down and have meaningful discussions and create stronger connections at home, especially during the elections.

Wondering how to create an open, safe space in a divided household? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Set the mood for an open, honest discussion. Clearly establish that your relationships with each other matter more than loyalties to any candidate, cause, or ideology. So, hold off on reactions or judgments that may hurt or turn off your family members. Remember that everyone’s feelings are valid, but the language of truth is love, softly and humbly spoken. 

2. Disarm each other with positive, sincere language 

Everyone prefers to be validated so prepare to concede a few things and pivot to positive language. For example, your siblings might be intractably advocating for their candidate, so tell them you admire them for being headstrong or decisive. Just make sure you say this sincerely and authentically.    

3. Find a common ground 

You may support different candidates but if you bring yourselves to accept that you have more important things in common than not, you would be on better footing for the talk. Your dreams and aspirations, both individual and shared, would be a good place to start. 

4. Discuss intelligently but consider feelings

Sure, be ready with logic, facts, and your candidate’s credentials, but do not get drawn into a heated debate. Consider that every individual is different and that one’s decisions may not always be based on logic, but emotions or experiences. 

#5.Ensure that love is at the center of it all. Family members may differ in opinion when it comes to political beliefs, but we must remember to put love in the center of our discussions and in the way that we treat our parents, siblings, children, and other relatives. After all, we can influence each other for the better when we live and love by example.  

This coming national elections and beyond, let us remember the value of compassionate and meaningful discussions to make better, stronger, and meaningful connections at home. 

Watch PLDT Home’s #USAPTAYO video here. To learn more about PLDT Home, visit www.pldthome.com

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