Macoy Fundales Releases New Single “Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw”

Musician and comedian Mcoy Fundales is back with making new music with the launch of the new single. Being part of the bands Orange & Lemons and Kenyo, it is no doubt that his touch in songwriting has produced hits in the past. Though he is now focusing more on his work as show writer and creative director, music still plays a big part of his life and something that he finds himself going back to.

The single was actually created way back when he was a writer for the show "Ang Forever Ko'y Ikaw" starring Camille Prats and Niel Sese. Mcoy decided to finally complete the song as a follow up to his single with AltG Records "Bakit Kita Hahabulin." He feels that there is a need to complete the song, and after consulting with colleagues, they decided to finish this project.

Despite the competitive music industry, Mcoy said that he would still stick with his kind of music. And compared to his other songs, this single is more mellow and serious compared to his comedic nature. It is also a great anthem for celebrating love which can be used in weddings, anniversaries, engagements, or any event that celebrates love.

The pandemic also affected his music in which many musicians also lost a lot of work and opportunities when the lockdown happened.  He is hopeful for OPM for this year, and also happy with the success of PPOP. 

In his personal life, he already found his forever and he also shares that he is already a grandfather to a one year old grandchild. 

The song has Filipino and English lyrics and has a more mellow and romantic tune compared to his previous works.Macoy says that the song is about serendipity with two people meeting 

"[Music] siya ang nagpapasarap sa buhay ko ngayon…siya ng dessert ko" Mcoy says

 “Ang Forever Ko’y Ikaw” is now streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

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