MYMP Is Back With A New Single “Di Mo Lang Alam” Under PolyEast Records

Acoustic Pinoy fans are in for a treat this 2023 as MYMP is back with a new single and tries something new for their loyal fans and also might gain new ones too. Renewing their partnership with PolyEast Records, they just released their new single "Di Mo Lang Alam" which is now available in streaming platforms.

This milestone is made memorable with a launch that was held in Supersam Quezon City wherein they revealed more news and upcoming projects with the new MYMP. Juliet Bahala comes back as the female vocalist for the group and now is joined by her sister Ethyl which brings more vocal dynamics with the group and also a new take with their classic songs.

Beyond the years, MYMP has become a household name and a favorite for generations which many have become OPM hits and has been played and sung by fans.  Produced by Chin Alcantara and written by vocalist Juliet Bahala, she shares that “it talks about the little things we do, the little ways we create just to be noticed by someone we like - even if the world might not be in our favor sometimes.”

In addition, MYMP explains that “‘Di Mo Lang Alam’ is a phrase we often use to say when we are trying to hint at someone that there is more to the surface than meets the eye, whether it's a negative or a positive thing. In this song, it's the latter.” 

As a message to listeners, the group also says, “It won't hurt if we just allow ourselves to be vulnerable sometimes. When we strongly feel something towards someone, let it be known. Things can get out of control at times but we never know — it may turn in our favour.” You can now listen to “‘Di Mo Lang Alam,” on all digital music streaming platforms. You can also watch the official lyric video on PolyEast Records’ YouTube channel.

Chin also welcomes change with the band which he says is what artists do as part of their journey. He is also amazed with the sisters now part of the band which both are talented and beautiful. The band is also nearing 25 years in the business and is testament that their legacy and songs still continues now that OPM is now at the PPOP era which they are also open to do a collaboration with the younger generation of Pinoy music artists.     

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