Replacing Chef Chico - Stories of Food, Love, and Fire

I was surprised that Netflix has not yet have their own original Filipino series until now with the release of Replacing Chef Chico which stars Piolo Pascual, Alessandra De Rossi, and Sam Milby. This series is directed by Dan Villegas and written by Antoinette Jadaone brings food and love in 8-episode course.

We might recall several similar series or movies with the theme of the show, yet it does stand out with how it plays with the premise of romance, Filipino food, and the ensemble that contributes to the flavor of the show. 

The show shares the story of the restaurant named Hain and how the head chef Chico (Sam Milby) struggles to keep it afloat and to prove itself as one of the best restaurants in Asia. His sous chef Ella (Alessandra) tries her best to serve the best story-inspired dishes which Hain is known for. Raymond (Piolo) comes as a consultant of the restaurant to observe and help Hain to regain its glory.

Initially we know that there is romantic tension between the three which is what is expected by many. However, in each of the episodes, they explored beyond that through the unique stories of their clients and the one-of-a-kind dishes that they make for them. Actually, the stories do hit hard with relatable situations in real life. It varies with love, infidelity, family, loneliness, and acceptance. 

The restaurant staff also have their own stories and struggles that they also have to face by certain circumstances in the series. These story dynamics are the elements that makes "Replacing Chef Chico" indeed a must watch series, and also easy to binge watch as episodes are just around 30 minutes long.

The food is also the star of the show that is recommended not to be hungry when watching this as it will definitely make your mouth water with Pinoy dishes made with the twist and crafted from the backstories of their customers. We actually had a taste of some during the press conference. There are also some ingredients indigenous to the Philippines that were highlighted and used in the dishes giving spotlight on the rich culture of food in the country.

And as dessert we are also treated with the wonderful soundtrack by Leanne & Narra like "Di Na Babalik," "Unan," "Till the Morning Comes," and "Evergreen." Indeed, the show is indeed chef's kiss with the overall experience and feels. With all of these treats for the viewers, many would crave for another serving.

Replacing Chef Chico is now streaming on Netflix.

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