Darlene Is Back Under SBTown With Her Single 'Daydream'

Many have missed her after her break from performing and recording, now Darlene is back and lauched as a solo artist under SBTown which partnered with Universal Records. 

Darlene first captured people's hearts by participating in a popular singing competition show when she was young. Showcasing her vocal prowess, she made an impact and touched many people. She took another step when she debuted with SBTown’s first girl group, YGIG. She contributed her charismatic stage presence and power vocals with YGIG’s debut single, Shaba-Shaba. But because of health reasons, Darlene had to leave the group and take rest for a while.

And this February 9, 2024, Darlene is ready to show everyone that this is her now! She is set to carve a new path as she gears up as a solo returning artist for the release of her debut single “DayDream”. Darlene is under the supervision of SBTown’s CEO, Mr. Geong Seong Han, and care of SBTalent Camp’s South Korean trainer, Ms. Adelaide Hong, and is being co-managed by Ms. Kathleen Dy-Go of Universal Records. 

"DayDream" narrates a compelling story of conflicting emotions, where doubt and denial intertwine with despicable feelings towards someone special. The song explores the interesting and complex point when someone is experiencing the stages of falling in love, capturing the essence of confusion and the adamant denial of these complicated feelings.

The said song is a reflection of the whirlwind of emotions one goes through when love begins to blossom. Its playful beat adds an interesting layer, symbolizing the unpredictability of feelings.

Darlene’s debut song “DayDream” is a hip hop song with kitsch trap beats and hyperpop guitar chopping that showcases her versatile vocals, melodic prowess, and fresh, lively delivery. 


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