You Know What Time It Is! Ken San Jose Releases New Single “Clock”

Ken San Jose, the multi-talented artist known for his mesmerizing dance moves and undeniable charisma, finally drops a new single called "Clock” under Universal Records Philippines.

Produced by the brilliant Solomon Stark, the track promises to be a superbly catchy one, combining Ken's soulful vocals with Stark's innovative production. (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO HERE)

"Clock" weaves a narrative of love, desire, and the anticipation of being reunited with a special someone because you just miss that person so much. It tells a story of yearning and excitement, capturing the essence of a connection that transcends time. The catchy chorus, with its rhythmic beats, is destined to become an anthem for those who appreciate the magic of love as the clock goes ticking.

In "Clock," Ken San Jose effortlessly delivers a fusion of playful pop and R&B, making it such an appealing song perfect for everyone’s next viral TikTok content. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms and its official music video is coming out this February so watch out!



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TikTok: @kenpsanjose

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